Lib Dems ‘Ploughing Ahead’ with their campaign to help the Tories win Bridgwater

Lib Dem Gloss consigned to dustbin of misinformation

You would have thought that once bitten twice shy. It was the Lib Dems that put the Tories back in power in 2010 just so they could have a pointless taste of Government where they got absolutely nothing promised to them back in return for their anti-Labour coalition. Of all the seats in Somerset the one most likely to go Labour is Bridgwater. Especially the NEW Bridgwater Constituency , which is basically just the Bridgwater area linked to the Burnham & Highbridge area. Labour clearly dominates Bridgwater, running the town council, and coming consistently second in the former Constituency. Bridgwater Town Council Leader Cllr Brian Smedley (Labour) says “All the opinion polls put Labour as having the best chance of gaining from a Tory collapse, as looks very likely, and yet the Lib Dems are out there saying it’s them what can win. People…..please don’t be fooled. If you want the Tories out then the positive vote, the tactical vote and the mathematical vote is Labour. Don’t let the LibDems let the Tories back again!”

Chair of the new Bridgwater Constituency Labour Party Tim Mander has also studied not just the projections but also the last glossy magazine posted to every household curtesy of the Lib Dems ‘death by leaflets’ campaign. Tim says “The public may be confused into thinking that a leaflet that drops through your door and is headed “magazine” would incorporate some degree of journalistic standards. Unfortunately, the magazine produced by prospective Lib Dem parliamentary Claire Sully contains a litany of mistruths and downright lies. The failure to be honest with the public revolves around the claims that : “Boundary changes put Lib Dems ahead” “Lib Dem Vote could rise 26% with new boundary changes” “The Lib Dems are set to be big winners from new boundary changes here…”

Well let’s examine the evidence. Two polling organisations regularly carry out predictions of results on a seat-by-seat basis the most up to date predictions show:
Election Maps – Now forecast
Labour                      34.5%
Conservatives       31.1%
Lib Dems                  14.4%
Electoral Calculus
Labour                       36.6%
Conservatives        28.6%
Lib Dems                   12.6%
This projection gives Labour a 70% chance of winning the seat and the good old Lib Dems just 1%.
The new Bridgwater constituency..a potential Labour gain!

Now looking at actual votes cast at the recent PCC election and this was for the old Sedgemoor area which includes the affluent Polden Villages and Cheddar Axbridge and Wedmore (Not Labour strongholds) so would favour both the Tories at Lib Dems the percentage of the votes cast was:

Conservative      44%
Labour                 25%
Lib Dem               18%
So, in summary, in every poll quoted the Lib Dems are in a poor third position with next to no chance of winning and this is the truth using with basic journalistic standards and backed by evidence.
The only way to beat the Tories in the new Bridgwater constituency is to vote Labour.

Vote Labour

The new Bridgwater seat is not looking good for a collapsing Tory vote. Not only has the sitting MP Ian Lidell Grainger already scarpered, heading for the hills (of Exmoor) (and beyond) but the Lib Dems have imported a paper candidate , a county councillor for another distant range of hills, the Mendips, and who is struggling to make a connection with Bridgwater. So far no Greens or ReFuk candidates have put their hats into the ring and the only actual campaigning outside the former coalition of chaos is from Cheese Magnate Pele Barnes standing as an independent. The Lib Dems, who were wiped out in Bridgwater 20 years ago and have not a single councillor in the town today, are clearly clutching at straws for people to even notice them amongst the ‘also rans’.
Leigh Redman, Labour’s candidate for the new Bridgwater seat

Labour Party candidate for the new Bridgwater Constituency is Leigh Redman. Leigh says “It is great that most polls show a good chance of a Labour win in the new seat, but it is still the case that the only real poll that matters is the general election, and your voice is important to me. Every vote counts.  A vote for me is a vote for the only truly local candidate. I want to be our community’s voice in Westminster. The polls show that every vote will matter. Other parties will tell you Labour can’t win here and manipulate data from old or irrelevant elections to make their point, but a vote for any party other than Labour, could mean the Tories get back in.”

Cllr Smedley added “And nobody wants that…”

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Stella Dennett
Stella Dennett
1 month ago

Horrific! We want tactical voting to get the tories out. If the libdems support tories then that certainly won’t work in Frome & NE Somerset. I am an overseas voter newly got my vote back after the end of the 15 year rule. There are a lot of us here in France – so don’t forget us! I want to know who is standing in my Frome & NE Somerset constituency & what is their background?

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