The Kings Speech…..’Not as good as the film’

‘Colin Firth was more convincing..” says Town Council Leader Brian Smedley

Bridgwater Labour Councillors have reacted to the Kings Speech (as written and conceived by Tory PM Rishi Sunak) saying there was nothing new to offer from a Tory Government that knows it is doomed. Leader of Bridgwater Town Council Brian Smedley (Labour, Westover) said “Theres absolutely nothing in this speech. There’s no big bills for the future – because they know they haven’t got a future. These are meant to be occasions for setting out the Governments vision for the future..but they don’t have one. They’ve tried everything in their arsenal and everythings failed. They have resorted to blame – attacking the unions and striking health workers rather than explain how they’re going to tackle the 8 million and growing NHS waiting lists that they’ve created through chronic underfunding and they’re  failing to meet global promises on tackling climate change and instead offering cheap election soundbites instead. King Charles, who looked terribly bored, in fact Colin Firth was more convincing, must have been gritting his teeth at some of these anti green pronouncements. New oil and gas won’t help meet 2050 climate targets. All that’s happening is they’re positioning themselves to see who can be the new leader of the opposition. For  a King’s Speech? 2 out of 10, and certainly not as good as the film.”

Cllr Leigh Redman “Change is the question at the next election and the answer is labour”

Somerset County Labour group Leader Cllr Leigh Redman (Bridgwater North & Central) said “Somerset Labour welcomes the Tory concession that the country needs change but arguing that the solution is a fifth Tory term will not wash. That’s carrying on with the failures of the last thirteen years.This was the Prime Minister’s first King’s Speech, yet he has nothing to offer above division and more of the same. Change is the question at the next election and the answer is Labour. Labour offers a decade of national renewal to replace 13 years of national decline. The Conservatives have given up on governing. With a legacy of stagnant growth, sky-rocketing mortgages, crumbling schools and hospitals, a cost-of-living crisis, the Tories have already failed.It was not surprising that the King looked bored he had waited nearly 70 years for a speech with no substance!  After thirteen years of Tory government, this King’s Speech exposes a decade of failure on housing. With no sign of local housing targets or the reform needed to our planning system, it is clear this government has no plan to fix the housing emergency. The next Labour government will build on our existing commitments to ban zero hours contracts, end fire and rehire, and give the regulator the power to block water bosses bonuses. The people of Somerset have been let down and the only way is change.”

Ordinary Working People now ‘More Vulnerable’

Cllr Mick Lerry “Labour will invest 28 billion in the green Economy”

Mayor of Bridgwater and Economic spokesman Cllr Mick Lerry (Bridgwater, Victoria) said: “The government can say that inflation is falling, and the economy is growing, but many people in Bridgwater will not believe this with the cost energy, food, rent and mortgages increasing. Offshore licenses for oil and gas will not be implemented quickly and will only slow up the move to sustainable and secure generation of power. This move by the government will also slow up the transition to the green economy and take investment away from a more secure employment future. Labour will invest 28 billion after the first year on the green economy, creating the new jobs for the future. Waiting list are too long for the NHS and the government has not been able to reduce waiting times after 13 years of low investment. The announcement of the workforce plan in the NHS is far to late for people waiting for operations and treatment. Many people do not feel safe, when there is a lack of community policing in their area. Lack of investment over 13 years has meant that the health service and public safety make ordinary working people more vulnerable, because these services lack resilience. While at the same time the income inequality gap has grown and working people are paying the price with high interest rates, due to this government and Liz Truss crashing the economy. Labour understands that the legacy of 13 years of Tory government will need a huge recovery plan and that recovery has to be paid for. Labour will invest in capital projects and a growing green economy to overcome the cost of living”. 

Last Gasps of a Dying Government

Cllr Tim Mander  “Time to say goodbye to the Tories”

Labour Bridgwater Town Councillor Tim Mander said “The Kings Speech represents the last gasps of a dying government full of hot air bluster and very little else. The public will see through the attempt to dilute green policies and promote new gas and oil drilling licenses. The British people deserve better and need a Labour Government committed to investing in a green economy and renewable energy taking away our exposure to international events with undue influence on oil and gas prices. The Tories suggestion that issuing licenses to drill will somehow make us less dependent on the international oil and gas market is a hugely misleading and dishonest as the British Government has no control over where the gas and oil is sold. It’s time to say goodbye to the Tories and the sooner the election is called the better.  “

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Eva Bryczkowski
Eva Bryczkowski
6 months ago

Well done each of you! Good points made.
And thanks for making me laugh Brian, as per usual.

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