“We Absolutely MUST Have our Nursery!” say Victoria Park Campaigners

“The latest closure to hit Victoria Centre”

The news that the Wyvern Nursery at the  Victoria Park Community Centre is to close has come as a shock to residents and campaigners already reeling from the closure of the medical centre. The Trustees and Centre Manager have been informed that the Wyvern Nursery at Victoria Park Community Centre will close on March 31st 2022, and information has gone out to parents and carers informing them of the closure. Ward Councillor Mick Lerry and Victoria Park Community Centre board member Liz Marsh have spoken out.

Cllr Mick Lerry (Labour), Chair of the Victoria Park Community Centre Board said: “This news has come as a great shock to parents, children, and the Board. To close the Nursery at such short notice will have an impact on those parents and children who use the Nursery. At the moment there is demand for more places and there are families on the waiting list.”

Cllr Mick Lerry ‘Make sure there is nursery provision”

“I have been informed that the reason for closure is due to the shortage of trained staff. There is obviously a need for Nursery provision within West side of Bridgwater. The Trustees and the Centre Manager have contacted the Early Years Lead Officer at Somerset County Council, to set up a meeting to look at a way forward and to make sure that there is Nursery provision at Victoria Park Community Centre”.

‘Couldn’t Have Come at a Worse Time!’

Board member Liz Marsh “Parents having to make some very hard choices”

Victoria Park Community Centre Board member Liz Marsh added: “The decision to close this purpose-built Nursey couldn’t have come at a worse time for our local families. The demand for childcare especially in the 0-2 baby years age range is paramount with the need for both parents to be working ever more hours to meet the increased cost of living that is only set to rise even further in the next few months. The lack of childcare spaces available across the town has meant that many of these parents are now facing very dire circumstances and having to make some very hard choices. We absolutely must have our Nursery at the Victoria Park Community Centre open and fully staffed to provide those much needed childcare spaces to support these families.”

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