Labour Win Batley and Spen By Election

Labour hold their ground

Labour have won the controversial Batley & Spen by Election. Kim Leadbeater, the sister of Labour MP Jo Cox who was murdered in the streets of her constituency by a Fascist literally days before the Brexit referendum, defeated a Conservative candidate -who’s campaign consisted of mainly keeping a low profile while the odious self promoting Tory voting George Galloway tried to grab the limelight in a bid to ‘oust Keir Starmer’, by a narrow majority despite widespread predictions of Labour defeat and all in a campaign which was marred by violence and homophobic incidents. The best news of the campaign is that Galloway -who predicted that Labour would come 3rd, came 3rd himself and now, joyfully for this media mad publicity monkey he will have to literally ‘eat his hat’-and, if he’s a man who keeps his promises, will hopefully be doing that live on TV.

Congratulations to Kim Leadbeater who fought a difficult campaign and suffered personal attacks harrassment and threats. The victory is for Jo Cox and the people rejected both the Tories and the xenophobes.

By-election 2021: Batley and Spen
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Kim Leadbeater 13,296 35.19 -7.50
Conservative Ryan Stephenson 12,973 34.33 -1.70
Workers Party George Galloway 8,264 21.87 N/A
Liberal Democrats Tom Gordon 1,254 3.32 -1.33
Yorkshire Corey Robinson 816 2.16 N/A
English Democrat Thérèse Hirst 207 0.55 N/A
UKIP Jack Thomson 151 0.40 N/A
Monster Raving Loony Howling Laud Hope 107 0.28 N/A
Alliance for Green Socialism Mike Davies 104 0.28 N/A
CPA Paul Bickerdike 102 0.27 N/A
Freedom Alliance Jonathon Tilt 100 0.26 N/A
For Britain Anne Marie Waters 97 0.26 N/A
Rejoin EU Andrew Smith 75 0.20 N/A
SDP Ollie Purser 66 0.17 N/A
Independent Jayda Fransen 50 0.13 N/A
Heritage Susan Laird 33 0.09 N/A

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Paul John Sellers
Paul John Sellers
3 years ago

A well deserved victory. Congartulations to Kim Leadbeater.

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