Bridgwater Mayor Commemorates 70th Anniversary of ‘Our’ NHS

Cllr Diogo Rodrigues, Mayor of Bridgwater, meeting staff at Bridgwater Hosipital

Mayor of Bridgwater, Cllr Diogo Rodrigues, has recently visited Bridgwater Community Hospital to commemorate 70 years of the NHS. His visit commenced by talking with the workers there about the state of our local hospital today and the difficulties that it has gone through. He was treated to a tour of the hospital and spoke with many of the staff before offering them a commemorative plaque on behalf of Bridgwater Town Council.

A year ago, Bridgwater Town Council launched it’s ‘Born in Bridgwater’ Campaign to encourage people to use the Maternity facilities in our town. Following his visit Mayor Diogo made this statement.

Turbulent Times

Diogo with Ward Sister Rebecca Hooper

“Our hospital has gone through turbulent times and our NHS nationally has gone through, and continues to go through, a difficult period. It was refreshing to hear some positive news direct from our hard-working frontline staff, including from our thriving maternity unit, which not so long ago was considered by some to be fighting for survival – some will remember Bridgwater Town Councils ‘Born in Bridgwater’ campaign to raise awareness of the maternity unit when it faced uncertainty a couple of years ago. The hospital is certainly in a better position now than it was then, however, it still faces great challenges including staffing shortages and limited access to equipment due to inadequate funding.”


“Many of us may have   criticisms of the hospital and our experiences, however, what me must appreciate, and be greatly thankful for, is the dedication and hard work that our frontline NHS staff have shown, and continue to show, through the good times and the bad. One of the members of staff I was honoured to meet was a very cheerful Su Gauntlett, a midwife who has been working for the NHS for 48 years – now if that doesn’t show dedication then I don’t know what does!”

Round table talks with the staff about the problems they face today


“I presented staff at the hospital with a plaque to commemorate the 70th birthday of our treasured NHS and in appreciation of all their hard work and dedication in caring for our towns people. Let’s continue to appreciate and support our frontline NHS staff to ensure that our NHS remains a healthy public service caring for us when we need it most”




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