Candidates concerns at Quantock Road Development

Tim Mander surveys the destruction on Quantock road

Prospective Labour Councillor for Bridgwater West Tim Mander has been horrified at the environmental carnage reaped upon the mature hedgerows and trees along a long stretch of the A39 Quantock Road. Tim said “whilst I understand some works had to be done to facilitate access into the Cokerhurst development site in my opinion the damage done far exceeds what was required. It is odd that whilst all Somerset Council’s have declared a climate emergency very little seems to be done to protect essential carbon absorbing hedgerows and trees. I note that the Tory candidates for Bridgwater West say they will “monitor future developments” well what does that mean? It is clear that only Labour Councillors can be trusted to hold developers to account and ensure that in future both the environment and people come first and developers are no longer allowed to trample over local communities'”.

Meg Boucher visits the Quantock road tree graveyard

Meg Boucher, who is standing for Labour in Wyndham ward said “The removal/destruction of the trees and vegetation on Quantock Road is a huge concern for the local community – it shows disregard for environmental issues; all tree must be protected in the current climate. Local residents are beginning to question the need for the complete removal of such a large strip of vegetation in preparation for the new development. As the road is often so busy and congested, the trees formed a natural barrier, absorbing the harmful gases produced by the passing vehicles . Having spoken to local residents about the issue, they are also questioning how the infrastructure for the development on the area is being considered: will local people be informed and supported? We must call on those in charge to fight for transparency in the coming months.”

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