It’s a Fierce Labour v Tory Battle in Sedgemoor as County Candidates Announced

Tony Heywood , Chelsea Chadwick and Jane Grenfell:Three Bridgwater area Labour candidates outside County Hall

Candidates have been declared in all seats across Somerset for the County Council Elections on May 4th and here in Sedgemoor it’s the key battleground for Labour to make gains in a straight fight with our Tory rulers.

In the 12 Sedgemoor seats  it’s currently 10 Conservative against 2 Labour. Of the other parties UKIP and Greens have failed to make any County gains here ever and the Lib Dems were wiped out some years ago.

County Labour Leader Leigh Redman tells the BBC that our campaign is ‘Go!’


County Labour Leader Leigh Redman, speaking from his Bridgwater South seat , said “Labour can have a strong voice in the next County Council by making gains here where we already have 2 County Councillors, 10 District Councillors and 14 Town Councillors.”

“We already hold Bridgwater North and South and we need to take other seats to drive a wedge between the Tories and Lib Dems at County and gain a controlling influence. Labour has 12 strong candidates around Sedgemoor – 6 men and 6 women and I’m confident we can make gains.”

Only Labour can take Tory seats in Sedgemoor

Bridgwater Town Council Leader Brian Smedley “The Tories have been and can be defeated here in our Town”

In the 12 Sedgemoor seats Labour, Tories and Lib Dem are standing in every one whilst UKIP are standing in just 5 and the Greens in only 1. In Bridgwater North the Tory vote is already threatened by a schism in their vote as longstanding Conservative member David ‘Blue Owl‘ Preece is standing in his own right.

Bridgwater Town Council Leader Brian Smedley said “Last time round it was UKIP that split the vote and stopped Labour taking all 4 Bridgwater seats, but this time round they’re not standing anywhere around Bridgwater, even in seats where they achieved substantial votes last time. This maybe because they’ve got nothing left to campaign on since the Brexit vote but it definitely means Labour can take the fight directly to the Tories and regain all the Bridgwater seats. I would appeal to people NOT to be diverted down the LibDem route as we’ve wiped them out here already and any rise in their vote will help keep the Tories in. Around the County the LibDems have tried to say ‘vote for us to keep the Tories out’ but history shows that when the people voted LibDem in 2010 the first thing they did was put the Tories back in Government. I’m sure we won’t get fooled again.”

 Battleground Sedgemoor May 4th 2017

Diogo Rodrigues (Bridgwater East & Bawdrip)


HALL, David                                         The Conservative Party Candidate*

RODRIGUES, Diogo                            Labour Party Candidate

SENIOR, Mike                                      Liberal Democrats



Dave Loveridge (Bridgwater North & Central)


BARNES, Pele                                      The Conservative Party Candidate

CLARK, Nikki                                        Green Party Candidate

LOVERIDGE, Dave                              Labour Party Candidate*

NICKOLLS, Anthony                            Liberal Democrats

PREECE, Dave                                      Independent


Leigh Redman (Bridgwater South)


DUDDRIDGE, Lance John                  The Conservative Party Candidate

KELLY, Daniel Alexander                   Liberal Democrats

REDMAN, Leigh Paul                         Labour Party Candidate*




Tony Heywood (Bridgwater West)


BOWN, Ann Elizabeth                       The Conservative Party Candidate*

HEYWOOD, Tony                               Labour Party Candidate

PHILLIPS, Michelle Denise                Liberal Democrats




Jane Grenfell (North Petherton)

BROWN, Richard James                   The Conservative Party Candidate*

GRENFELL, Jane                                  Labour Party Candidate

REVANS, Bill                                        Liberal Democrats




Philip King (Cannington)


CASWELL, Mike                                   The Conservative Party Candidate

DILLAMORE, Jill Ann                          Liberal Democrats

KING, Philip St Lawrence                   Labour Party Candidate


Chelsea Chadwick (Huntspill)


CHADWICK, Chelsea Joan                 Labour Party Candidate

HARVEY, Phil                                       Liberal Democrats

HEALEY, Mark                                     The Conservative Party Candidate*



Lucy Scanlon (Highbridge)


CORKE, Lorna Irene Bromley           U K Independence Party (UKIP)

PARKES, John David                           Liberal Democrats

SCANLON, Lucy                                   Labour Party Candidate

WOODMAN, John Charles               The Conservative Party Candidate*



Colin Price (Burnham on Sea)

BURRIDGE-CLAYTON, Peter             The Conservative Party Candidate*

HOBBS, Brian Royston                      U K Independence Party (UKIP)

MURPHY, Mike                                  Liberal Democrats

PRICE, Colin Michael                         Labour Party Candidate




Janty Marsden (Brent)


FILMER, Bob                                       The Conservative Party Candidate

GORE, Tony                                         Liberal Democrats

MARSDEN, Janty                                Labour Party Candidate

WILLIS, David Robert                          U K Independence Party (UKIP)



Norma Scanlon (Cheddar)

HIMS, Helen Dorothy                        U K Independence Party (UKIP)

SCANLON, Norma                              Labour Party Candidate

SHABAN, Tim                                      Liberal Democrats

TAYLOR, Nigel Philip                          The Conservative Party Candidate





Lynne Morgan (King Alfred)

BETTY, Anthony John Edward         U K Independence Party (UKIP)

HUXTABLE, David John                     The Conservative Party Candidate*

MORGAN, Lynne                                Labour Party Candidate

MUNT, Emma                                     Liberal Democrats

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