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The final Conservative Government in history is now in place. The frighteningly right wing Tory purist Liz Truss has been elected Leader of the Conservative Party, and therefore as it happens, Prime Minister , and has chosen her 300 (well, 30) Spartans to make her final stand on the death bed of  Tory purity. And it will be the last. After this there’ll be no more. No more Tories. No more even thinking that ‘Conservatism’ is a plausible ideology for the masses because it’s clearly a selfish, cash for class power grab for and by the already wealthy.

With each appointment another nail in the coffin of Torydom…

A Liz Truss’ cabinet. A phrase no-one in their right mind ever imagined was ‘a thing’ has happened.

Incoming!!!!! Business & Energy Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg, blames “climate alarmism” for high energy prices, and so his solution is to extract “every last drop” of oil and gas from the North Sea and restarting fracking.

Incoming!!!   Home Secretary Suella Braverman is expected to take an even harder stance on migration than her predecessor Priti Patel (who championed the government’s Rwanda scheme).

Incoming!!! Chloe Smith as Work and Pensions Secretary in fact voted for a reduction in spending on benefits on 49 occasions.”

Incoming!!! Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, was described by the TUC as  “ideological and reckless” for his blind support for Truss’s so called  ‘plan for the economy’ and  “completely at odds” with any plan for real economic growth, including reviewing existing EU worker protections, such as the 48-hour working week in a misguided attempt to “improve the competitiveness of the UK economy”. The unions believe   that workers now face a “double whammy” as the government threatens to “rip up” their legal rights while at the same time attacking their ability to defend their working conditions through strike action.

Around Somerset jaws are dropping….

Sean Dromgoole “…the whole awful panoply…”

The deckchairs on The Titanic are looking particularly well laid out today!’ Man the lifeboats fast! “says Sedgemoor businessman Anthony Lippman

“Step back for one second from the bizarre neo-Conservative views they hold collectively. Individually our new cabinet all seem to be in the wrong places. Foreign Secretary, which historically, if not recently, is a role requiring wisdom, subtlety and finesse, has gone to clumsy bruiser James Cleverly. Home Sec, which requires a strong steady Eddy, has gone to “legal” flake Suella Braverman. Nor is there any danger of a strong independent Chancellor with utterly biddable “soulmate” Kwasi Kwateng in that office. One can only marvel at the pluck it takes to put the famously bloody minded Thérèsa Coffey at the reins of the NHS at it’s time of greatest stress. Personal favourite is Mr Zahawi who was Mr Johnson’s Education Secretary on Monday, appointed his Chancellor on Tuesday, only to be calling for his head on Wednesday. Where did Truss put this utterly self-serving opportunist? Where else, but Head of Intergovernmental Affairs! All in all, the whole awful panoply is not just a dog’s breakfast, but seemingly for fat cats, at supper time” adds Langport councillor Sean Dromgoole

Terry Ledlie
Terry Ledlie “The clock is ticking

Meanwhile, down in Yeovil, postal worker Terry Ledlie says “The Truss cabinet looks like a lurch to the right. I fear that they will play to their hardcore supporters rather than lifting our country out of  the cost-of-living crisis. In particular, the PM’s obsession with cutting government revenue and spending is likely to  trigger a vicious circle, taking money out of the economy and damage public services. Britain needs a government tat will go beyond warm words and deliver for hard-pressed ordinary people. On day one I want to set them some challenges that they will need to meet  if they are to make progress on “levelling-up”, which has so far been a damp squib:

  • Canceller Kwesi Kwateng – fund better public services and help our struggling economy
  • Health Secretary Theresa Coffey – get the NHS back on track, reduce waiting lists and restore doctors appointments
  • Levelling up secretary Simon Clark – be a real champion and make levelling-up start to work.
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg (Business and Employment) – start by raising the National Minimum Wage  and plan for better pay and better jobs. The clock is ticking for the new cabinet, as Britain is deeply mired in the current crisis.”

The end of the Tories as we know them

In Bridgwater, Labour Leader Cllr Brian Smedley says “It’s odd isn’t it..and I can’t understand it…this is the maddest cabinet of Tory crazies ever, and Ian Liddell-Grainger still isn’t in it!! But …..this is truly the end…there is no further this Government can sink in their pursuit of  pure ideological Conservatism…the only way to get more right wing is to come off the pitch altogether and take an early bath in the dressing rooms. And do us all a favour.”

“With 170 billion excess profits falling into the laps of the energy companies new PM Truss has positioned her Tory Party to the far right, even more right wing than Thatcher and is ignoring this scandal. It’s the end of the welfare state as we know it. Farewell welfare.  And it doesn’t even make sense to be so purist. Most people say tax windfall profits so why do the Tories not say this?? They have a huge majority and Liz Truss can say what she wants while the tory Mps will just cheer, grunt and snort in the background.”

Cllr Brian Smedley ” Tories are in last chance saloon”

Cllr Smedley says “It’s the quest for Pure Conservatism. It’s endgame. They are going hell for leather for non intervention, driven by the ‘law of the jungle’ and the ‘survival of the fittest’ .In fact it will be a melt down of public services. What their plan…their ONLY will be to ‘Get Conservatism Done’. Good. Because, then it’ll be proved the idiotic selfserving ideology which we’ve always known it was and it will come crashing down. It had in fact in the 1990s and we thought we’d never see another Tory government again….but…. then the Libdems let them back in….and the rest is it’s not…it’s the here and now!!”

Diverse? NO! They’re all just a bunch of privileged Tories

So, the Truss Government tacking to the right and trashing climate change, trashing workers rights and trashing the environment is no surprise. The Fossil fuel companies of course have been funding the Tories for a while now. But….but…..they say, the new Tory cabinet is a very ‘diverse’ cabinet….no white man in the top offices of state and there’s the 3rd woman in charge and they’ve all been Tories…..

“That’s the point though” adds Cllr Smedley “Having a woman in charge doesn’t mean it’ll be a feminist government and having a racially diverse front bench means nothing if they’re all Conservatives.  Being a Tory trumps all of those…its not the people, it’s the policies. Look a bit closer at this ‘diverse’ cabinet. Just 5 of them went to Comprehensive and 3 to grammar schools. No less than 23 of them were privately educated. And remember…86% of tory cuts fell on women, mainly in the NHS and public services and austerity, as a policy, was simply directed at the working class, at our communities, at our institutions, our pockets, our lives.  This Tory party is in the last chance saloon And most of them are already pissed. It’s the last chance for this ideology to succeed, but it will fail, because the people it will target with it’s vicious policies will not take it anymore. Labour is the party of the working class, and the working class is the most diverse part of British society. Really, now is our time.”

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Alan Bond
Alan Bond
1 year ago

The irony of it all is that queenie had it in her power to do something decent for her ‘subjects’ by telling truss to piss off and win a general election first. Now we are being bombarded with a continuous rolling news programme in the BBC about queenie being ill. I thought this was a democracy and in a democracy, everybody, no matter who they are, should be following a code of decency but she’s let the tories off the hook yet again. Never mind the ‘royal’ prerogative, what about the prerogative of the PEOPLE to have a general election to choose who THEY want in government. There can be no doubt that the tories are running scared and te situation as it now stands put the monarchy in imminent danger of being abolished, and not before time either !

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