Labour Activists Take Their Alternative Budget Message to the People

Bridgwater Labour members on the Cornhill stall discussing the Tory budget

This week the Tory budget was described by Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn as showing “utter complacency” over the state of the economy and “ignoring the needs of workers”. He said Philip Hammond “..failed to understand the reality of life for millions of people and the crisis facing public services” .

The Labour response to the budget will hardly be heard in the press or on the TV and so Labour activists everywhere took to the streets of their towns today to spread the message themselves.

In Bridgwater a stall was set up at the Cornhill. Newly elected Labour branch secretary Gary Tucker said “It was a very organised, productive day of action.  Many people stopped by for a chat, took leaflets and signed the petition.  Just by listening to fed-up voters it became clear that the Tories’ failed ‘long-term plan’ is deeply affecting everyone- employed, retired, students and now particularly the self-employed. Bridgwater residents told us the Tories are not on the side of working people.  The Tories lied here and they’ll keep on lying! The Tories are not on the side of working people at all.  We raised awareness of how working people deserve better than a failing Tory economy.  We particularly wanted to chat to self-employed people who now will have to pay more in National Insurance due to the rise.  These people today felt particularly let down because this was a key election pledge and the Tories have broken this pledge.

The Bridgwater Labour banner makes it;s usual saturday entrance to Bridgwater’s Cornhill

Labour Branch Chair Jane Grenfell said “ Today we were addressing the Tory party’s abysmal economic record. Working people here in Bridgwater are overworked, undervalued and increasingly overdrawn under the government’s long term economic plan. The plan seems to be more Tory Austerity, regardless of the evidence that it just doesn’t work. Government borrowing is going up every year despite the cuts to public services. It’s not a plan it’s an attack on working people. The Tories have even turned on the self-employed entrepreneurs they so frequently rely on for economic growth.The reaction from the people of Bridgwater was very positive, at one point they were tugging leaflets out of my hand! Interestingly several people asked about how to vote. If you have not registered to vote in the County Council elections on 4th May, you still have time. Just visit “

Do the Tories ‘really’ care….? (click on the pic to find out)

As Labour attacked the chancellor for not giving more money to the NHS the Tory front bench simply sat back and laughed.



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