EU Referendum

Mick Lerry-Leader of Sedgemoor District Labour Group
Mick Lerry-Leader of Sedgemoor District Labour Group

Sedgemoor District Council Labour Group leader Mick Lerry believes that Sedgemoor is better off in the EU, and is urging constituents to vote Remain on Thursday 23 June.

Mick says “The decision we face this week is about how we want our future to look for our children and grandchildren. It is about the world we want them to inherit from us.

The South West benefits from our membership of the EU in many ways. 55% of our exports are sent to the EU, meaning that it is one of our most important trading partners.

The South West is home to outstanding colleges and universities, which have benefited from millions of pounds worth of EU funding, ensuring that they have access to world-class research opportunities for our students.

‘Remain’ has won the economic argument

lab inThe economic argument for the South West covers everything from small businesses to our increasing tourism sector, from the financial sector to our farmers. In all those cases and many others being in the EU helps our economy.

Many of the challenges that we face as a society also benefit from multinational approach. We can work together to tackle climate change if we work collectively with the EU.  Making sure multinational companies pay their fair share of tax also needs a joined up approach.

There are many questions posed by the possibility of a Brexit. There is a serious risk that the pound will take a hit in the event of a vote to leave the European Union. Raw materials and energy costs will increase, which could lead to our exports falling. This puts thousands of jobs at risk. Michael Gove himself has admitted that he cannot guarantee that every British job linked to the EU will be safe in the event of a Brexit. How many jobs will be lost in Sedgemoor and Bridgwater?

We ALL benefit from Freedom of Movement

Getting out the Labour vote-making the Labour case for Europe
Getting out the Labour vote-making the Labour case for Europe

Holidaymakers currently enjoy free movement around the EU with very little to worry about in the airport. If we leave the EU we will all be waiting in the much longer, much slower “non-EU” lines to collect our baggage and get on our flights. Will holidays be more expensive and with longer waits in the event of Brexit?”

Deputy Leader Cllr Brian Smedley added “Britain is better, stronger and safer in the European Union. I would also urge our constituents to think about the many benefits we receive from our membership, and the many unknowns that the Leave campaign have failed to address, before voting to remain on Thursday. If you’re still undecided then the most convincing argument I’ve found is this lecturer on the subject by a teacher who specialises in the issues and can give the facts impartially. Please take 2 minutes to watch it.”

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