They’ve elected Boris Johnson..That’s…’BORIS Johnson’..’Boris’…’JOHNSON’..This has actually happened

Bridgwater Labour reacts to the Boris Johnson Election

As the news came through from a small club of Conservatives today, only slightly more than half of who thought it was even worth voting, that Clown Prince of Brexit, Boris de Pfeffel Hogmannay Meltshet Johnson had actually been elected to the most important job in the country by slightly more votes than the other Tory-you know, the one that wrecked the Health service, jaws paused in their dropping to give vent to anger, disappointment, shock and face punching. And Bridgwater was no exception.

“Selfservatives now in the driving seat” Cllr Brian Smedley. Labour leader

Town and District Labour Leader Cllr Brian Smedley (Westover) said “So it’s come to this. The Tory party has moved from the Trad Cons to the far right ‘SelfServatives’. Jacob Rees-Mogg, Ian Duncan-Smith, Someone Something-Somebody, and now they’ve got their frontman. Boris Bloody-Johnson… And they’re going to really really deliver something called ‘Brexit’. But the only thing we know for sure about Tory Brexit is that Brexit  DOESN’T mean Brexit. What does it mean? Crashing out with a disastrous no deal maybe. And ‘no deal’ means nothing. Chaos with everyone as losers. The Tory party is split. Members are resigning. Even soft Tories like Matthew Parish are on the radio saying they really hope Boris can be relied on to ‘carry on lying and breaking his promises’ and that he ‘only said all this just to get elected’  and really he’ll ‘change his mind and simply not deliver anything’. Except himself. I would their echo fears that Boris Johnson at the helm could well see the break up of the Union. What has particularly shocked me is his appalling grasp on history. In his acceptance speech he said the Tories were ‘behind everything progressive in the last 200 years’…What on earth?? The NHS? The Tories voted against the creation of the NHS on 21 occasions- which is what compelled Nye Bevan to call them “lower than vermin” as their vote would “condemn millions of first class people to semi starvation”. What is also jaw droppingly appalling is his call for ‘uniting the people to heal the divisions’. These divisions have been entirely caused by Tory austerity and Boris Johnson has supported them all down the line. Unbelievable.”

‘Disaster for Britain’

julie and mick
Victoria Ward councillors Julie Cordiner and Mick Lerry

Cllr Mick Lerry (Victoria) added “The Tory membership has now elected a Prime Minister who was hopeless as Foreign Secretary, who is unable to tell the truth and has lied his way into number 10. He is a man without moral integrity who is willing to chant what the Tory right wish to hear. A no deal Brexit will be disaster for Britain, but he does not care as long as he can be Prime Minister, personal career opportunity is more important than the British public. During the Conservative Leadership campaign he kept away from public scrutiny and the press, because he knew that he could say something that he would regret. Political parties and MPs need to unite in Parliament to make sure that Boris cannot deliver further damage that will harm the life chances and income opportunities for the majority of British people. This country must never allow the Good Friday Agreement in Ireland to be dismantled and for hostility to once again emerge”.

Newly elected Victoria councillor Julie Cordiner said “The election of Boris Johnson marks a dark day for equality and fairness in this country. We now have a Prime Minister who has called Black people piccaninnies, Muslim women letterboxes, and disrespected the Sikh faith. His racism is often excused as the words of a fool, however this buffoon persona is used to make the unacceptable dangerously acceptable in our country.”

Dangerous Times

County Labour Leader Leigh Redman

Labour’s County Group Leader Cllr Leigh Redman (Bridgwater South) said “ The thought of BoJo being our prime minister is a great concern. A man that manages by the seat of his pants and changes his mind on a whim has to be worrying. “

Bridgwater Town and Somerset County Councillor Dave Loveridge added “ God help us all because Bo Jo won’t”

Eastover District Councillor and Climate Change Forum convenor Cllr Li Gibson said “Dangerous times as the USA has now got its Eton lapdog.”

Dunwear Councillor Alexia Bartlett added “Now we have our own Trump”

Speaking on behalf of Bridgwater Branch Labour Party, 18 year old secretary Gemma Shanahan said “Oh Dear…..”

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