Boris Beats a Hasty Retreat as Somerset Sends Him Packing

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The message is clear in Somerset

When Boris Johnson turned up in Somerset today, most people assumed he was looking for one of our famous ditches to die in. As it happens, he was hoping to get some publicity out of a visit to a school and a bakery. Sadly, for the Tory propaganda machine he was met at every turn by protestors and forced to change his plans. Boris Johnson was heckled yet again as he visited a school this morning.

Hopes that after being booed by angry flood protestors up in Yorkshire yesterday the PM presumed that Tory Somerset would be safe territory for him, but clearly not so. Shouts  of “Boris out” rang out around West Monkton Primary School in Taunton where  he sat down with schoolchildren, discussing their favourite books and ,tempting fate, asked the children “Where’s Wally?”

Protests greet BoJo

The County Deserves better

Off to Glastonbury next it seemed. But no, as soon as he approached the ‘Burns the Bread’ unit, crowds more protestors lined the streets with placards ranging from ‘Boris is a liar’ to ‘Tory Policy Kills’ forcing him to head instead for nearby Wells.

Speaking this morning ,Labour candidate for Bridgwater & West Somerset Oliver Thornton said “Mr Johnson is visiting West Monkton Primary School today, which continues to suffer even AFTER his proposed cash “injection”. NEU independently verified figures suggest that the school will be underfunded by over 100k next year. That’s £240 per child. Over 50% of schools in Somerset will continue to suffer whilst at best others will struggle to “improve” to 2015 figures. Since 2010 austerity has blighted Somerset schools and SCCs ability to support them by slashing school budgets and council services. The children, parents and employers in the County deserve much better from Central Govt. There needs to be radical change to the way education is delivered.”

Demonstrators in Taunton

Johnson ‘Has No Shame’

Labour candidate for Taunton Deane, Liam Canham, said “Today Boris Johnson visited Taunton and in particular West Monkton Primary School. I find it quite incredible that Johnson has the gall to show his face at a School where his Governments policies has led to a £248 per pupil loss and a £100k shortfall in budget in 2020.   Clearly Johnson has no shame about the policies that have had such a severe impact on education services in this Country. Sadly, our own MP has been silent on such funding cuts and failed to stand up for our schools. Labour will create a National Education Service that moves towards cradle-to-grave learning that is free at the point of access. Significant investment will be made in early years, primary, secondary and FE/HE provision to ensure we can unlock the potential of all our children.”

Labour candidate Kama McKenzie with channel 4 presenter Liz Bates

In Glastonbury what the BBC described as ‘a small number of protestors’ in reality turned out to be nearer 150. Mr Johnson by passed the town and headed instead for nearby Wells for a photo opportunity at a bakery alongside fellow Tory James Heappey, and where he allegedly told customers: “There were lots of crusties there – more crusty than your loaves.” To which one commented “This is probably the only days work either of these clowns have done in their lives!”

Wells Labour candidate Kama Mckenzie was interviewed by Channel 4 Newspresenter Liz Bates  who asked about immigration, tactical voting and Boris.  Having earlier interviewed Lib Dem Tessa Munt who had suggested she ‘could win here if Labour stood down as the Greens have done’ Kama pointed out that the figures the Lib Dems had quoted were incorrect and instead talked about “the importance of voter’s having a genuine democratic choice” and how “Green voters were now disenfranchised”. Kama also about Labour’s Green policy and how it was so much better than that offered by the Lib Dems.

Somerset Says NO to Boris Johnson

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Mechtelina Obolensky Pouncy
Mechtelina Obolensky Pouncy
4 years ago

Unfortunately no one, not labour or conservative, will discuss the great pension robbery of 1950’s women. Shame on all of them.

Emily Rebel
Emily Rebel
4 years ago

Tessa Munt was part of a coalition government with the tories that enacted vicious cuts to benefits for ppl with disabilities and long term health issues.. In return for getting plastic bags legislation they voted for cuts.. Lib dens are basically tories… Look at Joe Swinson she worked for David Cameron!! Oh and she wants a permanent statue in honor of Margaret Thatcher…. what does that tell you…. Lib dems are not the ordinary ppls friends.. Do not trust them. Based on their past record in government with the tories they cannot be trusted..

Luzina Stacey
Luzina Stacey
4 years ago

We want our pensions monies that was stolen. They continue changing the goalposts, what a deplorable government. #a50’sbornwoman

Elizabeth Browne
Elizabeth Browne
4 years ago

Tessa Munt has a point here. She is well respected in that constituency. Anything to keep Tory seats to a minimum!
Labour would have a better chance in Bridgwater if they put up a candidate which the locals could recognise. I’m sure that the Labour candidate is very good but doesn’t stand a chance against ILG sadly…

Susan gould
Susan gould
4 years ago

well done somerset keep making our voices heard

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