Labour Fighting for 3 seats in Yeovil

yeovil labour peepsLabour is fighting to win in a Yeovil town council by-election for the central and south wards set for Tuesday 16th February . Yeovil Labour Party is standing three very strong local candidates who are committed to rejuvenating the town centre, keeping public services running and up to standard and to using council land for social house building. The three candidates are Josh Tuck and Martin Bailey for Yeovil South and Terry Lavin for Yeovil Central.

The public response to canvassing by the party has been promising and the party has increased its’ efforts greatly after doubling its’ membership in the area and changing the way it operates, with a special action group committed to helping increase the party’s reach and standing in the area.

Community Building Project

yeovil labourSteve Finch, Yeovil Labour’s campaign organiser said: “We have made every effort during this election to achieve over 95% coverage with leaflets in addition to concentrating on specific target groups, something we have neither tried nor achieved before. We achieved all our targets, and whether this is a success is yet to be seen, but it was certainly worth a try. Whatever the outcome, it will interesting to see how we stand after the General Election and the selection of our new leader”

The candidates have been working very hard to get change for the area already, with Josh Tuck and Martin Bailey accompanying current Labour councillor Terry Ledlie to present a cheque from Yeovil Labour to a local girl guide for £100 towards a special community building project.

Josh Tuck and Terry Lavin also accompanied Steve Finch and Gail Freeman-Bell another of Yeovil Labour’s existing councillors to take part in an anti-fracking demonstration in Yeovil town centre.

Josh Tuck also partakes in scarf bombing for the homeless each Friday morning with other members of Unite the Union’s community branch, where warm clothing and toiletries are left for those in need to take.

yeovil 2Straight Talking Honest Politics

Martin Bailey, candidate for Yeovil Central said:“I am standing in this election, for the Labour Party, because I believe in ‘Straight Talking, Honest Politics’. If elected I will work hard for the community as I believe we are stronger together. As a driving instructor, I have a special interest in road safety. I will campaign for safer roads in the South Ward, so that our children can walk and cycle to school safely”.

Terry Lavin said:“I am very grateful to those who have worked hard putting leaflets together and helping to canvass. It feels wonderful to have the support of my party”.

Josh Tuck said: “It’s been great to see what an impact us standing has had so far, we’ve been able to support some great things locally already and I truly hope that with all the hard work our members and Steve particularly have put in, that we can get elected and make even more of a difference because our town deserves it. It’s been wonderful to connect with people and face such a positive reaction during canvassing”.

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