Labour now the progressive force in Yeovil

Nia Griffith MP speaks in Yeovil
Nia Griffith MP speaks in Yeovil

Labour is set to take over as the leading progressive party in Yeovil, according to Party members who took part in a lively discussion led by Nia Griffith MP, who is a member of Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet. Ms Griffith, who is currently Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, was invited down to Yeovil Labour Club, by the local Labour Party, as part of one of a number of speaker meetings they have held.

Commenting on the evening, Nia Griffith MP said,
“It was a real pleasure to meet and exchange ideas with members of Yeovil Labour party on a whole range of issues from the future of public services and tax credits to Syria and climate change. The party has seen a considerable influx of new members, both before and after the election of Jeremy Corbyn MP as Leader. Many are attracted by Jeremy’s honest politics and straight talking, and there is a real groundswell of feeling, wanting to challenge Conservative Government policies which are slashing public services, and doing nothing to help local young people with rising housing costs.

"Progressives in places like Yeovil should now vote Labour to get the Tories out"
“Progressives in places like Yeovil should now vote Labour to get the Tories out”

“People can see that with the LibDems now having only 8 MPs out of 650 in Parliament, the statistical probability of them being in a position to broker any power for the foreseeable future is minimal.

Therefore the best chance of defeating the Conservatives in 2020 is for progressives in places like Yeovil, where there has traditionally been a majority of progressives, to unite behind a Labour Parliamentary candidate.”

Party Chairman Joe Conway said,
“Although we can all access news 24/7 these days, it is still fascinating to hear first hand what is really going on behind the scenes, whether it is Nia talking about the UK Parliament or Claire Moody, our Labour Euro -MP talking about the EU.

People across the UK face many of the same challenges as we do here in Yeovil, and it is only the Labour Party, with its strong and growing membership across the UK, that can mount a credible challenge to the Conservatives.”

Nia with Yeovil Labour Party officers
Nia with Yeovil Labour Party officers

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