Tory ‘no show’ in Poll collapse across County

no show
Generally a Tory ‘no show’ across Somerset

Across Somerset Lib Dems have been making gains, increasing their hold on South Somerset, gaining Mendip where there was also a strong showing from the Greens and taking the newly formed Somerset district of Somerset West and Taunton. In Sedgemoor the Tories clung on but with a reduced majority as both Labour and Lib Dems made inroads into their vote.

In an election marked by Tory candidates hiding at home for fear their voters might spot them and an angry electorate often composing essays about Brexit on their ballot papers rather than voting with them the Lib Dems filled the void (with their own void) and where there was a historic Labour presence the reds marched on.

South Somerset

Lib Dems 41

Conservatives 15

Independents 4

Results here

Somerset West & Taunton

Lib Dems 30

Independents 12

Conservatives 10

Labour 3

Greens 2

no idea 2

Full results here


Lib dems 22

Greens 10

Conservatives 10

Independents 2

Others 2

Full results here


Conservatives 28

Labour 12

Lib Dems 7

Independent 1

Full results here







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