No elections in Somerset?? OH YES THERE ARE!

Vote Kerry Barker on May 6th

Whilst the people of Somerset might have missed out on the chance to have their say on Somerset County Council and it’s Unitary machinations on Thursday May 6th there are nevertheless some crucial elections happening across our county -not least the key role of Police and Crime Commissioner, where Labour’s candidate KERRY BARKER is in prime position to grab the post. Kerry put Labour in 2nd place in 2016 and narrowly lost a run off contest with outgoing independent Sue Mountstevens-who isn’t standing this time. Kerry needs to see off a challenge from the Tories to grab the victory and this means he needs ALL the Labour and tactical votes in Somerset he can get to add to the extremely large Labour vote coming in from Bristol, where they’re also voting for councillors and Mayor. So your vote really matters!


Stop Closing Local Police Stations!

Kerry’s message is resonating across Somerset where towns have seen Police stations closing. Kerry’s focus is on keeping the local police stations open and a return to visible community policing. On a recent visit to Yeovil he said “Many people have told me that they want to see the police patrolling their local area, not just responding to problems, Community based policing has been swept away by Conservative cuts and the choices made by the current commissioner. We need to bring back local police responding to local needs and based on local intelligence. The planned closure of the custody suite in Yeovil Police Stations would mean that police officers would have to take people that they arrest to Bristol for processing. This is a massive waste of police time. “

Vote for Kerry Barker, Labour on Thursday May 6th

Ordinary Working People more likely to be the victims of crime

People have told Kerry that they are fed up with the police failing to deal with local crime so much so that they can no longer be bothered reporting crimes to them  This applies as much in rural areas as it does in the towns and cities. Kerry says ” The Labour Party is fully aware of the harm caused to police forces by the austerity cuts made by successive Tory and Tory/Lib Dem governments, and that repeated promises of additional officers fail to materialize. However, locally made decisions by the current Commissioner, her Deputy and the Chief Constable have made matters worse. Detection rates for crimes such as theft, burglary, criminal damage, public disorder are just awful.  The idea that people can steal from shops with apparent impunity must stop.”

Leafletting for Kerry Barker in Bridgwater

Kerry adds “The harm done to hard working, law-abiding members of the public by the irresponsible minority appears to go unchallenged.  Recent examples of an inability to deal with illegal street parties and raves have a serious impact on local residents.”

As a lifelong socialist Kerry is very aware that those most affected by crime are the poorest and most vulnerable members of our communities, and adds “Ordinary working people are most likely to be the victims of crime. In fact the police force has become so overstretched that they have withdrawn from dealing with some common crimes. They will not routinely arrest shoplifters detained by store security and they will not prioritise investigating fraud below that which is compensated by the relevant ban. This is undermining confidence in the law.”

For more about Kerry Barker click here.

Other Chances to Vote Labour in Somerset

Also around Somerset are some by-elections where Labour candidates are standing.


In Wells there are 3 Labour hopefuls for the City & District Council elections

3 Labour for Wells

St Thomas ward sees ADAM FYFE standing for Labour for both City Council in a 3 way contest with a Tory and an independent and for Mendip District Council in a head to head fight with just a Tory.

Central ward sees JENNIFER WILLIAMS fighting 2 Tories and independent and an uncategorised nondescript.

St Cuthbert’s ward sees EILEEN WEBBER as the Labour & Co-operative standard bearer in a battle against a Tory and an Independent.

Sam Booker standing for Labour in Taunton


In Somerset West and Taunton, there’s an election for a district councillor in the Trull, Pitminster and Corfe ward. The Labour candidate is SAMUEL BOOKER and he’s taking on a Lib Dem and a Tory.

A Taunton Deane Labour spokesperson said “Sam has been the constituency Chair since February and has shown great enthusiasm and determination in our mission to become an election-winning force in Taunton Deane. He understands that Labour must do more in rural communities such as Trull, Pitminster and Corfe to tackle rural issues and put residents first. He believes that Labour must move on from recent years and start prioritising rural communities and towns.”

Sam has founded and coordinated several campaign groups dedicated to improving youth involvement and engagement in both local and national politics. His background is in local campaigning. If elected, he promises to help find a permanent solution to the Canonsgrove situation and provide a reliable voice for Trull residents at Somerset West and Taunton Council.

For more about Sam Booker click here.



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3 years ago

I will if I can get out of my house and down to poling station by closing , given the current state of bridgwater roadworks I better set off at 6am ?

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