Sean Dromgoole selected by Labour in Somerton and Frome

Tuesday, 29 October 2019
Sean Dromgoole

In the last General Election Labour got more votes in Somerton and Frome than ever before. We got the third largest increase in the whole of the South West. The reason was a strong local campaign team lead by Sean Dromgoole. That same highly effective team will be fighting the next general election. Sean Dromgoole grew up on a small farm between Wedmore and Wells. Since reading Philosophy at London University, Sean’s work has taken him all over the globe. Sean has worked extensively in the film and television industry and the European Commission. These days he runs a consumer research company which specialises in video games. Sean has tended to work in future-facing digital industries, those same industries in which our country leads the world. Sean has lived in London, Paris and New York but came back to Somerset 20 years ago with his wife to bring up his two children. He now lives on a small farm outside Langport.

Sean says“This is going to be unlike any campaign we have ever seen before. The Conservatives three years
of failure as they slide further towards a narrow, isolationist, little Englander viewpoint is set to be viewed unkindly by historians. What is more surprising is the lurch to the right imposed on the Lib Dems by their current leadership. Last time they were given a sniff of power by their Conservative friends, it cost them dearly, but all the signs are of them doing the same again. They are making nice because of all those remain-voting Conservatives they are hoping to win over. From our point of view, as blue bleeds into yellow, they become harder and harder to tell apart.”

Solid, Stately and Reliable

Sean and Jeremy

“Thankfully, in all this repositioning, there remains the Labour Party. Solid, stately and reliable. We want to move beyond this current confusion. To heal the wounds and progress. We actually want quite a different society. One in which there is an equality of opportunity through education and health while we are safe in decent homes. A society in which selfish companies no longer pollute our air and consume the planet beneath our feet. Labour wants a society in which all are valued, and none are excluded. A society in which everyone can be happy, rather than just the a few. Change like this doesn’t come with small faint steps. If some of our policies seem bold to you, then remember where we want to get to. As our campaign unfolds, I look forward to sharing these policies with you and showing how you will benefit from them.”

You can reach Sean Dromgoole as follows: Tel: 07798793116 Twitter: seandromgoolelabour
Email: Facebook: SeanforSF

3 comments on “Sean Dromgoole selected by Labour in Somerton and Frome

  1. Marty Blyth

    I would like to know your thoughts on brexit and a second referendum. Many thanks.

  2. William & Jhyenan


    We live in Street and were wondering where Labour are on the ballot paper down here.

    This is a strong Tory/Lib Dem stronghold and has been so for years now. We’d like a visit from our local MP.