Yeovil Labour Party Condemns British Gas Sackings

Yeovil Labour Chair Terry Ledlie accuses Centrica of ‘appalling corporate misbehaviour’

Commenting on job losses and pay cuts at British Gas (today – Wed 14 April)  Terry Ledlie, Chair of Yeovil constituency Labour Party said, “Centrica, who now own British Gas, has behaved deplorably. They have imposed a pay-cut of 15 per cent  on their 5,000 engineers and have sacked nearly 400 staff  who would not accept  this massive salary  reduction. This is absolutely appalling corporate misbehaviour. Labour believes that employers should treat their workers fairly and with respect. To do otherwise is both immoral and bad for business, as a climate of fear badly undermines motivation and productivity. Imagine if all our employers behaved this badly. They would simply drive our economy into the ground, with all the hardship and misery that would bring.”

Terry continued “British Gas used to be our flagship national provider. Today it has fallen a very long way in our estimation. The company should set out to make a new start with its employees and their trade unions, but they will have an awful lot of work to do!”

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