Tories Panic in North Petherton By-Election as voters get behind Labour

For the second time in two months the voters of North Petherton are voting in a by-election for the Town Council. Last month Labour’s Chelsea Chadwick came within 24 votes of winning.  This time Labour supporters have been out in massive numbers knowing that to even slightly increase the turnout and encourage people to realise they have the power to grab a sensational victory will give Chelsea the seat she is aiming for and residents a strong local voice on their council.

However, the Tories are running scared and have not just brought back well established District Councillor Ann Fraser  to contest the seat but they’ve also thrown in their big guns from across the county including leading councillors and even  the honourable MP Ian Liddell-Grainger, spotted the other day trying to work out how to get out of the Stockmoor estate.

The Harder they come…

Voters are rejecting Tory ‘pledges’ that have caused the problems in the first place.

In doing this however the Tories have opened themselves up for an own goal. It’s precisely the Tory Government that has brought about the austerity which has devastated so many peoples lives, the Tory District and County councils that have been wrecking communities and creating major housing developments without the neccessary  infrastructure.

Labour members have been out in force to support Chelsea, who is a young mother and  lives on the Stockmoor estate and who earlier this year was elected to Sedgemoor District Council in a sensational by-election victory. 

The Harder they fall….

Chelsea out with supporters in Stockmoor

Labour controlled Bridgwater Town Councilmembers have been out supporting their neighbours. Town Leader Cllr Brian Smedley said “The Tories have put out a leaflet with 5 pledges. Called ‘5 good reasons to vote conservative’, its their own death warrant. Everything on it is their own fault and people realise this, whether it’s failing to listen to local people on planning issues, failing to support community groups or even the hilarious claim to take action against fly tipping, when it’s Tory councils locally who have reduced waste collection and hours at recycling centres that has in fact increased fly tipping. By bringing in a senior member and hoping that such a big name will give them a certain victory they have in fact put up someone who has been responsible for these council decisions as a District portfolio holder! The real problem for Labour in this election is the inevitable tactics of the Lib Dems who are also standing and, as usual, do the Tory work for them by claiming ‘only a lib dem vote can win here’ and this tactic might in fact split the vote. However, door knocking results show that the lib dems are in serious decline everywhere. Their coalition with the Tories has probably condemned them to a downward spiral of mistrust in the eyes of the electors.”

Labour candidate Chelsea Chadwick

Elect Chelsea for NPTC on November 23rd

Chelsea’s leaflets have been delivered to every house in the ward and her message is winning through. Labour are promising to keep all the essential local services, more equipment and green spaces for leisure and play, a new primary and secondary school in North petherton, public transport to keep the community connected, SCC to adopt all the roads and a more rigorous grant policy for the Town Council.

Chelsea says “We cannot have large scale development without the proper infrastructure being put in place such as roads, schools and a community hub. Local people must have some control over the design and build of their community. I would welcome the opportunity to be elected to the North Petherton Town Council, so please vote for me on Thursday 23rd November to ensure a local voice for the many not the few”.

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 23rd November



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Buzz aldrin
Buzz aldrin
6 years ago

Third place, I guess all that campaigning paid off…

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