Turbulent times for Political Parties

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks during Prime Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn with his loyal front bench team
 Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn with his loyal front bench team

These are turbulent times for the country and the political parties. However, we must not forget that people are still hurting under this Tory Government, and will continue to do under Prime Minister May.

However far she wishes to distance herself from Cameron we will not forget that Theresa May was a key decision maker in the Government that has for the last six years pursued austerity.

Austerity is an ideology that has been driven by the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, It has led to public services being decimated, massive public sector job losses, the freezing and reduction of welfare benefits and public sector wages.

Across Somerset we have seen services closed or reduced: pensioners no longer able to have free bus services before 9.30, and many people without bus services, We have seen the poorest required to pay council tax, we have more pot holes than ever, we have reduced policing, libraries have been closed, people can’t get access to GP surgeries, children do not have school places. These are the effects of this failed Government’s austerity agenda.

We still have the 30% reduction is employment support allowance that will come in April 2017 and hurt sick people. Conversely, we will also have changes to the way buy to let property and company dividends are taxed. These will hurt those people that have one house that they let out (maybe due to a divorce or parents dying), and will affect many small business owners.

This Government has been and will continue to make poor and middle-income people pay for Tory ideology.

Only the Labour Party, which is the only ANTI-AUSTERITY party, can hold them to account and we will do this whoever is our leader.


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