Jeremy Browne MP has ‘revealed the truth about his party’ says Taunton Labour candidate

Neil Guild
“A vote for the Lib Dems is the same as a vote for the Tories” Labour PPC Neil Guild

Neil Guild, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Taunton Deane, responding to Jeremy Browne MP’s comments about the “pointless” Liberal Democrats said: “Jeremy Browne has revealed the truth about his party: a vote for the Lib Dems is the same as a vote for the Tories.”

“But in truth Jeremy Browne is wrong – the Lib Dems are worse than pointless. It is the loyal, reliable support in parliament of Lib Dem MPs that has allowed this Tory-led government to push through what by any measure has been a radical, right-of-centre, legislative programme. A Conservative government elected with a small majority would have proceeded with far greater caution than this coalition government has; a government making changes that the Thatcher government of the 80s could only dream of.”

‘All they’ve done in government is prop up David Cameron’

All Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems have done in government is prop up David Cameron. They’ve broken their promises time and again, joining with the Tories to give the wealthiest a tax break while families face a cost-of-living crisis and most recently by indicating they would put up university tuition fees even higher in a future government.”

Jeremy Browne. Pointless.

“Yet for Jeremy Browne, rather than be shamed by the record of his party, this is not enough – he is now urging the Lib Dems and the government to go further and faster with their misguided reforms.”

“Lib Dem voters in Taunton will rightly now be questioning if this is what they elected Jeremy Browne to do on their behalf. Given his evident dissatisfaction with the direction of the Lib Dem party voters should also be questioning how likely it is that Jeremy Browne will complete another five year term as a Lib Dem MP when his political trajectory indicates that his true home is now the Conservative party.”


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