Taunton’s Labour Parliamentary Candidate responds to Jeremy Browne MP’s call to slash the top rate of tax

Neil GuildNeil Guild, Labour’s candidate for Taunton Deane in the 2015 General Election, responding to Jeremy Browne’s call for a cut in the top rate of tax, further cuts to the NHS, and a full free market in education with the introduction of for-profit-schools, said: “Jeremy Browne has yet again made the case that he was elected to represent the people Taunton on false pretences. His recently published book makes it clear what his politics truly are – not just in lock step with the Tories but far out front as he calls for the coalition government to go further and faster with what are Tory policies. This is turbo charged Thatcherism masquerading as liberalism.”

“How can local Lib Dem supporters, members and councillors in Taunton continue to stand behind a politician with views so at odds to their stated values and to the best interests of the people of Taunton?

“Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems have already voted with the Tories to give millionaires a tax cut worth an average of £100,000. Now, as ordinary families continue to face a cost-of-living crisis, our local MP is calling for the top rate of tax to be slashed yet again, for our children’s education to be opened up for profit, and the introduction of patient charges in the NHS.”

“Whatever the Lib Dems in Taunton try to claim, the truth is that Jeremy Brown has broken his commitment to the people of this town and backed the Tories all the way. They are not a constraint on the Tories – they are their willing helpers.”



For further information contact:

Neil Guild, Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate, on 07950700872

Notes to Editor.

Jeremy Browne’s comments were made in interview with Benedict Brogan, published in the Daily Telegraph on 7 April 2014.

Jeremy Browne’s book, Race Plan, from which the comments are drawn. was published on 8 April 2014 by BiteBack Publishing Ltd.

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Neil Guild
Neil Guild
10 years ago

Hi Cheryl. Thanks for your comments and support. If you have any questions on Labour policy or the campaign over the coming year please get in touch.



Cheryl Grimes
Cheryl Grimes
10 years ago

You are so right. I feel that Mr Browne obtained my vote under false pretences and then sold it to the Tories. I reluctantly voted for him in 2010 as he was very much pushing the message that only he could keep the Tories out in Taunton. Of course I now know that he went on to effectively use my vote to get the Tories in! I voted Labour for the first time in the last local elections and in 2015 I will be voting Labour for the first time in a general election. I fully appreciate that Taunton may well end up with a Tory MP, but from my point of view the only likely alternative is a LibDem MP who is more Tory than the Tories! So I’ll be voting with my conscience next time and voting Labour.

Alan Bond
Alan Bond
10 years ago

Always knew the fibdems were closet tories. The top rate of income tax should be going UP on a sliding scale – the more you get paid (most of these people don’t EARN their money) the more tax you pay. The top rate should be at least 85 pence in the pound for anyone being paid over £2 million a year.

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