Chancellor’s Spring Statement ‘Another Con Job’

Cllr Leigh Redman attacks ‘Tory Squeeze’

The Chancellor’s Spring Statement is another con job say Somerset Labour leaders. Cllr Leigh Redman (County Labour Leader) commented after the Tory statement “The chancellor has let people down! Somerset is suffering…He has left households and businesses to fend for themselves in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, as we’re set to see the biggest drop to incomes on record this year. For every £6 the Chancellor has taken in tax since becoming Chancellor, he’s giving back just £1 Today, Britain is facing the highest tax burden in 70 years, with the Chancellor confirming £24 billion in tax rises this year Rishi Sunak is raising taxes again and again, only to offer crumbs just before an election. This is a cynical Chancellor who is asking struggling families to pay for the Tory election campaign.

Labour shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves MP ‘Sunak not fit for the job’

Labours shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves (Leeds West) said “Rishi Sunak could have introduced a windfall tax on oil and gas producers to provide real help to families.  But he didn’t. Rishi Sunak could have used his Spring Statement to scrap his tax hike and set out a plan to support British business.  But he didn’t. Instead, the man who lost billions of pounds to fraud has once again proved that he is not fit for the job. In the wake of his own cost of living crisis, Rishi Sunak has raised tax for households across the country.  While energy and fuel prices spiral, he is laying the burden at the door of working people, with a national insurance hike. Only Labour has a plan to tackle the Conservative cost of living crisis head on and grow our economy. We’d give households the help they need – our windfall tax plan for oil and gas giants would ensure that those with the broadest shoulders pay their fair share. The Conservatives have been in power for 12 years.  With inflation at a 30-year high, and a cost-of-living crisis with no end in sight, Rishi Sunak had the audacity to exclaim that, ‘the work starts today’. Rishi Sunak is out of touch and unfit for office.”

Meg and Elaine…not happy at Tory budget

Massive Disconnect

Labours new crop of candidates for the election are also seething. Meg Boucher (Bridgwater Wyndham) said “it demonstrates a massive disconnect with the average working person and absolutely shows the disregard for the welfare of families already struggling to survive….let alone thrive!”

Meg’s running mate Elaine di Campo said “what a C..” (*misheard, possibly ‘Conservative’ ..Ed)

Liz Marsh “Sunak clearly doesn’t care”

Victoria ward candidate Liz Marsh commented “Rishi Sunak is the man who could have made a difference to our lives today but instead chose to ignore the cost of living crisis currently faced by millions of us. The price of food, fuel, electricity and gas bills have soared and now some very dire and difficult choices are having to be made. Instead of cutting prices, he chose to increase our taxes in turn increasing the pressure on not just the hardest hit but now the majority of households. A billionaire with zero concept or empathy with the majority that he is meant to serve. A man who is absolutely out of touch and who clearly doesn’t care.”

‘Levelling Down’

Yeovil Labour’s Terry Ledlie says’This is actually ‘levelling down’!’

Councillor Terry Ledlie, Chair of Yeovil Constituency Labour Party  also slammed today’s spring statement from Rishi Sumak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, saying: “The government is failing us on all fronts. They are losing control of inflation, so energy prices are biting harder every time the bills arrive. Combined with tax increases and low pay rises, soaring prices mean that we are set to suffer the biggest fall in real incomes ever. This is not the “levelling up” the government promised but a very real levelling down. The funding allocated for Somerset falls far short of what is needed to meet the challenges of the next year, leaving vital public services groaning under pressure. From failing social services, to unfilled pot-holes, we deserve much better than we are getting.Rachel Reeves, the Shadow Chancellor was absolutely right to say that the government does not even grasp the scale of the challenge. The Chancellor should have used his spring statement to ensure support for jobs and businesses, and tax soaring energy-producer profits to help us with our fuel bills. Instead, he wasted this opportunity to help hard- pressed people and failed to put the UK economy on a sounder footing.”

‘Lining their own pockets..’

Bridgwater Labour leader ‘same old Tories…’

Sedgemoor Labour Leader Cllr Brian Smedley (Bridgwater Westover) added “Wages and benefits are not keeping up with inflation In fact this is the biggest drop in living standards in the last 70 year There’s no increase to Universal Credit…so this will be a real terms benefit cut and a big one for poorest members of society. Ordinary peoples’ cost of living will be going up by 1,000s which they don’t have. The Tories of course don’t understand this. Jacob Rees-Mogg managed to get his millions out of Russia before sanctions hit, so he’ll be ok…maybe he thinks we can all make such ‘financial adjustments’ and we’ll be ok…. We’re facing a major economic crisis, and the rich, have profited for years, so why isn’t he looking to these to contribute more? Well, Sunaks’ probably got an eye on being leader in a few years anyway and the Tory mask is off. This is who they’re there to line the pockets of…. always have been.”

The Local Elections in May are an opportunity to make sure everybody knows that if this Spring Statement confirms anything at all, it’s that it’s time for a new Britain with Labour. A better, fairer Britain underpinned by security, prosperity and respect.

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