‘Foxhunting has no place in the modern world’ says Labour candidate

Wes Hinckes “Foxhunting has no place in the modern world”

When Theresa May put Foxhunting back on the table, Bridgwater and West Somerset MP Ian Liddell-Grainger immediately backed her position. His own voting record has been consistent in opposing the hunting ban on seven separate occaisions. Labour’s candidate challenging the Tory Hunt fanatic is Wes Hinckes and he has today made a strong statement condemning the barbaric practice.

The Tory position flies in the face of recent polls which show some 84% of the people opposing a return of the blood sport. Could the Conservatives yet again be misjudging the public mood and simply taking them for granted as they push ahead with their archaic agenda?

Wes Hinckes, Labour PPC for Bridgwater and West Somerset, said “Labour are against ‘animal cruelty’. It shouldn’t be allowed under any circumstances and we will fight to maintain the ban on ‘fox hunting’.

Fox hunting is barbaric and belongs in the past. It is a cruel sport just like ‘dog fighting’ which has quite rightly been illegal for over 180 years.

It is animal cruelty and it has no place in the modern world.

One horrifying and directly related fact is that in recent years there has been a rise in so called ‘casual’ dog fighting, with people meeting in public places and filming their dogs fighting on their mobile phones.

This deliberate cruelty is beyond any normal person’s ability to grasp.Fox hunting alike sees a terrified animal pursued without mercy through its own natural environment before being physically torn apart by the hounds. These hounds are dogs that have been specially trained to enjoy tearing another living animal apart. This is a sport that is cruel not only to the hunted fox but also to the hound that hunts them.

No animal cruelty of any kind or under any circumstances is ok.”

If you care about how we treat living animals.Vote for Labour on June the 8th.”



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