Labour Step Up Campaigning as Final Week Polls show 3% gap

It’s OUR future-help make it a reality.

Who would have thought that with less than a week to go until the General election Labour would be within striking distance of the Tories with some polls showing a mere 3% gap. Certainly not Theresa May who takes her voters for granted and assumed it would be a walkover. What’s the reason? Labour offered a genuine socialist manifesto and people liked it and Jeremy Corbyn went out to meet the people and people liked him.

People have already been voting, by post, but the key to victory will be getting out the millions of people who don’t usually vote because ‘what’s the point!’ or ‘they’re all the same’ -now they’re not and people know it. Corbyn’s Labour Party is different and the choices on the table are different. The changes really will change Britain.

Rejuvenated Party

Here in the Bridgwater and West Somerset Constituency Labour are polling well and it’s no surprise. A rejuvenated party and an energetic candidate have been mobilising  from Minehead to Watchet to Bridgwater with street stalls, door knocking, leaflets and posters while the Unity House headquarters has been open to the public and has seen a steady trickle of new and old supporters dropping in to offer help now the scent of victory is becoming a reality.

Wes listening to peoples concerns on the streets of Bridgwater

Energetic Candidate

Wes Hinckes has been getting out and meeting people all across the constituency and this week also spoke at Hustings in Minehead and in Bridgwater and even went to the NFU meeting. Tory do-nothing MP Ian Liddell-Grainger, has been so conspicuous by his absence that his party seemingly had to drag him onto the streets of Bridgwater to meet his public and even dragged former MP Tom King out of retirement to try to give him some kudos.

Weak and Wobbly Tories

Active Labour members spreading the message

But people have had enough of the Tories and it’s showing. No matter how many times Theresa May says ‘Strong and Stable’ people just go..’nah, weak and wobbly’. No, election! National insurance, immigration targets, all Theresa May U-Turns. And her stark contrast in the open and honestness department compared to Corbyn is now a major voteloser for her…Her refusal to cost the Tory manifesto, her refusal to set a cap on her disastrous ‘dementia tax’ and crucially her failure to turn up to the BBC ‘Leaders debate’ which Corbyn won hands down, with Caz Lucas a close second.

Wes in Minehead

Labour Stays Firm

Labour has to stay firm in this last week because the vested interests in Britain are now seriously worried about a Corbyn victory that their press lap dogs will step up their brutal and relentless onslaught.

Don’t be deflected, socialism is finally on offer, Corbyn will deliver. Vote Labour.

The final week of campaigning

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