‘Lib Dems offer Nothing to Yeovil’ says Labour Chairman

Terry Ledlie -Yeovil’s Labour chairman

Terry Ledlie, Chairman of Yeovil CLP ask’s the Question – What gives the Liberal Democrat party the right to assume that they will automatically reclaim Yeovil, at the next General election?

David Cameron once said he was the “Heir to Blair”, I cannot see the current Liberal PPC winning in Yeovil and is no heir to the current Yeovil MP Marcus Fysh.

If you are listening Mr Clark unless you up your game, you will not be win, at the next election by just turning up. Yeovil is in need of a MP will stand up for the people of Yeovil Constituency.

Whilst Mick has been in place as PPC for some time now we are now seeing numerous fundraising dinners with the likes of the Ex MP David Laws and now in November the Ex Leader Nick Clegg who is popular or should I say unpopular! Proven at the last General election where students turned out and voted labour over his broken promise on student fees. We are also seeing surgeries but what we are not seeing is any sign of what he will do if he is elected!

What Yeovil Needs

Whilst we are now 10 years into austerity that has hit the poor the hardest, with severe cuts to bus services, Libraries and the majority of public services, some one needs to ask the question. Mick Clark if elected as MP for Yeovil Constituency what will you do?
For example: Yeovil needs the following;
A by-pass.
Car parking that is attractive and affordable.
A Bus service that is accessible to all and one that runs on a Sunday.
A high street that brings people to Yeovil not divert them to neighbouring towns.
What will you do about the homeless people in Yeovil.
The list is not exhaustive and is merely an example of the questions that I would expect any current PPC to answer both without prejudice.

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