Oliver Thornton talks ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Flooding’

Oliver Thornton meets flood victim Julian Taylor on the site of the 2014 flood

The cornerstone of Labour’s radical manifesto is the ‘Green New Deal’ and with more than 50% public support for ambitious climate targets to decarbonise by 2030 or earlier, this means that a majority of voters are on board with Labour’s target of net-zero emissions by 2030. In Somerset we have suffered serious flooding in 2014 and have a tidal barrier planned for the River Parrett, home to the world’s second highest tide. Oliver Thornton, Labour candidate for Bridgwater and West Somerset, went out onto the Somerset levels to meet one victim of those floods and his conclusions reinforce the case for the Green New Deal to tackle  the climate emergency head on.

Oliver says “The Green New Deal would guarantee secure, unionised work for every worker in every transition industry and massively expand the provision of public services. This election is our last chance to tackle the climate emergency. Labour’s socialist Green New Deal is one of the keys to decisively winning this election. Bringing energy generation and distribution, transport, utilities, health and social care, pharmaceuticals and more into public ownership can’t come quickly enough. By democratically running those industries by and for the many, we can ensure that they contribute to a rapid and just decarbonisation effort that spans the whole economy. “  

Watch the video here

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John Thwaites
John Thwaites
4 years ago

Pamela, they might have applied for funding on the levels, but in other areas like when the Thames broke its banks, and areas up in the north failed to apply.
Just a point we are 5th highest economy in EU, do people know that in fact Germany has also applied to the fund when Danube broke its banks. So Mr Cameron view on so called charity is either misguided or just wrong.

Pamela Earnshaw
Pamela Earnshaw
4 years ago

REF EU funding – would just like to add that SUBSEQUENTLY after a good deal of pressure the government DID apply for funding from the EU in relation to the flooding and that is being spent now…
Don’t forget the Poldens!

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