Police and Crime Commissioner Election-List of Candidates

Kerry Barker -Labour candidate for Police & Crime Commissioner Avon & Somerset

The list of candidates for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections have been published today and the Avon and Somerset Region will be a 5 cornered race with Labour, Green, Lib Dem, Conservative and an Independent all standing. Current PCC, the independent Sue Mountstevens, isn’t standing this time round, although her deputy John Smith is. Labour’s candidate Kerry Barker, who came second last time round, is top of the list alphabetically , followed by Cleo Lake of the Green Party, Heather Shearer of the Lib Dems,  and Mark Shelford for the Conservatives. The election will be held on Thursday 6th of May and Polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm on the day. All parties are encouraging postal votes.


The election is being held at a time when new figures reveal soaring levels of violent and sexual offences in Avon and Somerset areas.

Analysis of figures disclosed by the Office of the PCC reveals violent and sexual offences reported to the police in Avon and Somerset have more than doubled since 2012, rising 165% (or 29,668 more offences) from 17,968 to 47,656 in 2019. Over the same period, positive outcomes, such as a charge or caution, fell by a third.
In 2012, almost half of all violent or sexual offences lead to a positive outcome, but by 2019 this had fallen to just 12%. Other crimes, such as robbery and public order offences, have also risen steeply as positive outcomes have plummeted. And even for offences that have fallen since 2012, the proportion leading to a positive outcome has dropped dramatically.

Labour candidate for Avon and Somerset PCC Kerry Barker

Responding, Kerry Barker Labour’s candidate for Avon and Somerset PCC, said: “These shocking figures show just how much the current administration have failed the people of Avon and Somerset. John Smith claims his ‘proven track record’ makes his the best choice for PCC. Well, this is his track record and it’s a disgrace.”


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