Somerton & Frome back Starmer and Allin Khan for Labour Leadership

Saturday, 8 February 2020
Keir Starmer, Somerton and Fromes choice for labour leader

The Somerton and Frome CLP has backed Keir Starmer for Labour Leader and Rosena Allin Khan for Deputy.

in his statement Starmer said;

“I’ve spent my life fighting for justice, standing up for the powerless and against the powerful.

I’m now standing to be leader of the Labour Party because I believe I can help unite our movement, take on the Tories and build a better future.

When Labour is united, we can achieve anything.

The NHS, the minimum wage, the Equal Pay Act, peace in Northern Ireland: impossible dreams made possible by Labour governments.

We now need to provide an effective opposition to Boris Johnson.

We need to start winning elections again – starting with the local elections in May, building to 2024.

We won’t do that by abandoning our values or the radicalism we have rediscovered.

We are an anti-austerity party. We believe in common ownership. We want to build a more peaceful world through a human-rights based foreign policy. We must hardwire the Green New Deal into every part of our politics.

Those are the pillars on which we can build a radical agenda for the future.

Inequalities of every type – power, education, health and wealth – are now so ingrained that only a fundamental shift can address them.

Our task is to make that agenda relevant to the 2020s and 2030s: to deliver economic justice, social justice and climate justice.

That is a huge task.

This leadership contest can only be one part of it.

With your help and with all parts of the labour and trade union movement coming together, I believe we can win again. Another future is possible.”


One comment on “Somerton & Frome back Starmer and Allin Khan for Labour Leadership

  1. James Turner

    I am very pleased that you have endorsed Keir Starmer in the Labour Leadership Election.

    As a Labour member I agree and feel he has what it takes to lead and unite the party and provide good leadership for the Opposition.