Tories Hopelessly Split as Boris Squeaks Through ‘No Confidence’ Vote

‘Dead Man Walking….?’

The discontent amongst Britain’s Tories is now in the open. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has survived a vote of No Confidence but by 211 votes to 148. That’s 59% to 41%. Almost half of the Conservative members of the Parliament don’t want him there and a much larger proportion of the country equally want rid of him as will be seen by the upcoming by elections in Wakefield and in Tiverton where Labour is campaigning hard with strong public support. Labour spokesman David Lammy MP said “Johnson has lost the confidence of his back benchers, he is now walking wounded and the Conservatives need to get rid of him” while Labour Leader Keir Starmer, said “Boris Johnson has presided over a culture of lies at the heart of Government. Conservative MPs have ignored the British public and hitched themselves to Boris Johnson and all he represents. The Conservative party clearly believes that the British public have no right to expect honest politicians.” 

“Lose-Lose for the British people” says Cllr Brian Smedley

The Long Knives are being sharpened

Bridgwater Town Council & Sedgemoor District Labour leader Cllr Brian Smedley (Bridgwater Westover) said “For Labour it’s win-win because the Tories are hopelessly divided and that’s what always brings them down. But for the British public it’s lose-lose because either the Tories try to limp on with a leader that half his party thinks is rubbish or things get worse for them and the famous Conservative ‘long knives’ get another outing and, as in the past, there’s a Tory bloodbath and they collapse back into the dust heap of history where they belong. And if a different Tory gets elected, well the other half of their party will hate that one. Meanwhile the public still has a Tory Government”

Liz Marsh “Bye Bye Boris”

Line has been drawn

Newly elected Bridgwater Town Councillor and spokesperson for ‘Communities’, Liz Marsh (Bridgwater Victoria) said “So Boris “lives to fight another day” but let’s face it the life support of his Premiership is now firmly switched on! 41.2% of his own MPs have declared that they have no confidence in him to lead their Party let alone the Country. His disregard to his own rules, his disregard to the rest of us! It comes at a price, the line has been drawn, now we await the inevitable… bye bye Boris!”

Leigh Redman ‘Result is the last straw’

Go Now!

Terry Ledlie “Gone by christmas”

Somerset County Labour Group Leader Leigh Redman (Bridgwater North & Central) said “This result has to be the last straw, 41% voted against Bojo, worse than May who had 37% vote against her, but, I’ve said it before “this man has NO scruples and is the most obnoxious leader they have had in recent times! Go now!”

Eton Mess

For Yeovil Labour Terry Ledlie said  “Whilst this result is being seen as a victory for Boris and Chums, Boris finds himself in a right old Eton Mess. 32 short of a leadership contest and it won’t be long before the plotters seek to remove him from power. Boris will be gone by Christmas.”

“117 votes against is a very bad result for the prime minister….” oh no, wait a minute, that was  Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, but he was talking about Theresa May….I wonder if the same applies now or if he has a different spin on it…..


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