Yeovil Labour Condemns Unfair Leaseholds

Terry Ledlie -Chairman Yeovil Labour

Yeovil Labour Party meeting at Unity Hall Yeovil have submitted a motion to Annual Party Conference condemning the unfair leaseholds and service charges arising from the Government’s ‘Help to Buy’ scheme. Members say the  motion has been submitted to highlight unfair practices in the leasehold market.

The motion runs “Yeovil Constituency Labour Party condemns the existing unfair leaseholds and service charges imposed on those purchasing homes using the Government Help to Buy scheme. Whilst the government has belatedly cracked down on the abuse of new leaseholds, it has done nothing to help those who have already bought homes without being informed that they were leasehold, have seen the cost of purchasing their freehold increase by up to 2,000 per cent without explanation, or have been held to ransom by excessive mandatory service charges. The government has failed to defend new home owners against sharp practice. The Labour Party must fight for decent housing and fair treatment across all tenures.”

This years Labour Party conference will be held in Liverpool from Sunday 23 September to Wednesday 26 September 2018. Yeovil CLP will be sending 3 delegates to conference.

For further information please contact: Terry Ledlie Chairman

e-mail   Telephone: 01935587850

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gabrielle hector
gabrielle hector
5 years ago


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