Yeovil Labour Steps Up Attacks on Lib Dems

Labour will be seeking to displace the Lib Dems from places such as Yeovil, where we now have a growing number of councillors such as local activist Terry Ledlie

Don’t be fooled into Voting for the Liberal Democrats that have not only failed the students but have failed to stop the decline of Yeovil, what has happened to bus services? Do you agree with the obsession with traffic lights in our Town? whether it’s a Tory run County Council or a Liberal Democrat District Council both parties have failed you. So says Terry Ledlie Chairman of Yeovil CLP.

Next May you as a voter will have the opportunity to Vote for a Labour Councillor. Please see below what a Labour Councillor will stand for.
-Improved Public Transport.
-Affordable housing that is secure for all.
-Passionate about protecting the NHS. 

Still unsure on whether to Vote Labour?

– Liberal Democrats have twice failed to beat the Tories in the last General Elections, they just can’t win here?
-The current Council needs a fresh approach, not  the current Two party system that is failing our Town. 
As a voter in the constituency you deserve better from your current Elected representatives. Don’t forget to Vote Labour and Demand better for not only your self but the wider community of Yeovil Constituency. It’s time to get tough and hold people to account. Yeovil is a typical working class Town that has grown in recent years but growth should not just be about building Houses, it should also be about putting in place jobs,transport,schools and health care that are required when the population increases due to housing development.
Labour rebuilt Britain in 1945 and now only Labour have the solution to rebuild in 2018 onward.

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