Young Labour seek solution for local people in West Somerset Resort

West Somerset Young Labour is working to re-establish access for locals to the Butlins cinema.

The Minehead holiday resort recently announced that it would no longer be able to allow local residents to use their cinema. The decision was apparently taken over security fears with the heightened terror alert. Butlins state that they need to be able to identify who is on site at any one time and therefore non-paying guests would no longer be able to use the cinema.

Tavey See (Youth and Student Officer for West Somerset Labour) says “This is a terrible blow for the young people of the area who have no means of reliable transport to visit the cinema in larger towns”.

Local ID

Katherine See (West Somerset Labour)

The group seeks a meeting with Butlins management and proposes the introduction of a local residents Butlins ID card. West Somerset residents could apply for the card with proof of ID and local status, then show the card when they wish to access the cinema allowing security staff to keep a record of who is on site.

Kathrine See (Secretary of West Somerset Labour) states “We are sure that there must be a workable solution to the problem which would benefit all parties and feel it is extremely important that positive relations are maintained between Butlins and the local community”.

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