Labour Party MP and MEP to visit to Yeovil.

Clare Moody, Labour MEP for South West England, will be in Yeovil on February 17th

Yeovil CLP have announced that Labour MP Michael Dugher will be attending a meeting at the Labour club, Unity Hall in Yeovil on Thursday 5th February at 19:30 and then on Tuesday the 17th of February Clare Moody, newly elected Labour MEP for South West England will be speaking at 19:00

Clare Moody was elected to the European Parliament In the May 2014 elections for the European Parliament being the lead candidate on the Labour list. She serves as a full member of the Parliament’s Committee on Budgets.

Clare recently called on the European Commission to take strong action to crack down on tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance.

Clare Moody MEP said: “The Commission needs to show the people of the South West that it is listening to their concerns. People across the continent are rightly furious at what they have seen following the ‘Lux Leaks’ scandal: major multinational companies reducing their tax rates to almost nothing while ordinary citizens face low wages, high unemployment and savage cuts to public services.Some of these aggressive tax planning practices may not be illegal, but they are certainly immoral. Every pound that these companies dodge in tax is a pound not spent on vital services like schools or hospitals. Figures show Europe is currently losing a staggering €1 trillion (nearly £800bn) every year because of these practices. This ‘tax gap’ can only be closed by concerted efforts from European leaders.That’s why I want the Commission to commit to plug the gap: by cracking down on tax fraud and tax havens, and by making sure companies pay tax in the place where they make their profits. We need strong action now.“

Michael Dugher

Michael Dugher MP in Yeovil on February 5th
Michael Dugher MP in Yeovil on February 5th

Michael Dugher is the MP for Barnsley East and was a Shadow Minister of Defence before becoming the Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Leader of the Opposition. In 2011 he was promoted to Ed Miliband’s Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Minister without Portfolio, a role where he could roam across portfolios and co-ordinate shadow ministers’ attacks on the government. In the October 2013 Reshuffle he became Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office.
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