Lib Dem collapse opens doors to Labour

Clare Moody MEP has regained a South West Euro seat for Labour wiping out the Lib Dems and reducing the Tory hold on the region

At the European Election the Lib Dems lost their last MEP in the South West ending the 20 year reign of grandee Graham Watson. Labour regained a seat with the election of Claire Moody and even the Greens beat them.

More than that the Lib Dem vote collapsed in all districts around Somerset coming below Labour in Sedgemoor and below the Greens in West Somerset. In their South Somerset heartland they dropped from 1st to 3rd place.

The Lib Dems currently have 4 of the 5 MP’s in Somerset and on current performance none of these seats are safe. Nick Clegg is under pressure to quit from his own party for taking them into a disastrous coalition with the Conservatives and in many towns around Somerset , such as Bridgwater, there’s not a single Lib Dem left standing.

‘Lib Dems have gone into meltdown’

clegging it
Clegging it. Lib Dems “Losing Here”.

Martin Jevon, Labour candidate for Yeovil, said “The Lib Dems have gone into meltdown, lost MEP, losing supporters, losing councillors. So it’s time for all the south west 2015 Labour candidates to pick up the baton and lead the charge. We have opportunities to elect MP’s where they least expect it, chances to win local council seats, and above all show the people of the south west that Labour is on their side. So come on Labour in Somerset, pick your target and aim for it. Claire Moody has shown it can be done here in the south west and to everyone who says ‘Labour can’t win here’ you’re wrong, we elected an MEP, we have lots of hard working Labour local Councillors, and dedicated activists. We won’t win everything, but that won’t stop us from trying. And in the Yeovil constituency where I’m standing we will be pounding the streets, shouting from our soap boxes, and standing up for the people of south Somerset. See you on the campaign trail.”


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Terry Ledlie
Terry Ledlie
10 years ago

In the European elections and a turnout less than 40% the Liberal democrats have been given a taste of their own medicine, for the first time in years the hold on Yeovil could crumble.
Lord Ashdown successfully wrestled Yeovil from the Conservative rule to make it a safe seat for the Liberal democrats like or dislike them tactical voting made it virtually impossible for another political party to win in Yeovil.
The consensus of people voted for Liberal democrats to keep the Tories out believing they had found the alternative.
Soon after the coalition was born David Laws MP was accused of false expenses claims to which he had to resign his position a Government minister and let’s not forget Chris Hume who was jailed for making his wife take the wrap for a speeding ticket. You couldn’t blame the tactical voters in Yeovil for siding with UKIP the man with a personality who likes a pint and wants to withdraw us from the EU. This could be something different but people need to know about Nigel he has been active in the Conservative Party from his school days but left the party in 1992 in protest at John Major signing treaty on European Union at Maastricht and became the founder member of UKIP…
Personally I think he has tapped into peoples in securities about immigration and making political advances by using the protest vote but just like the Liberal democrats and at some point UKIP if allowed will serve in Government with the Conservatives. Unfortunately we will never have a government elected by the majority of people around 60% of people do not vote and Until the majority of people vote in elections then we will never be able to hold our politicians to account. I would hope that Journalists are building up UKIP to knock them down again otherwise I am deeply concerned about what would happen if they were in charge of our country for example will I have to pay to see my GP, will maternity pay be abolished and why should someone on a low income have to pay 31% tax.
This is not the party that represent the working class but that is conning the working class to make political gain.

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