Liberal Democrats Losing Ground In Yeovil

Sheena King
“Labour has already taken Yeovil Town Council seats.”Sheena King. Labour PPC for Yeovil

Sheena King Yeovil PPC for the Labour Party says “the Lib Dems are losing ground in Yeovil”. Sheena believes that Labour voters are not voting tactically anymore and turning to their traditional roots and will vote Labour in 2015.

The Yeovil Labour Party have already increased its share of town councillors from one to three because the Liberal Democrats have failed to put up enough candidates and the party are not only exhausted from their compliance with the Coalition Government but are struggling to find support locally. The Conservatives are locally parachuting in Tory big guns such as Theresa May, Boris Johnston and more recently David Cameron. The only way to stop Yeovil falling in to the hands of the Tory Party would be to Vote Labour on May 7th and keep the Tories out like Lord Ashdown said in 1983.

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Sheena King

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