Next Labour Government will stop the Tory sell off of the NHS says Yeovil PPC

Martin Jevon Labour parliamentary candidate for Yeovil , Ed Balls shadow chancellor, and Murray Shepstone election agent

At a recent South West Labour Party fund raising event Martin Jevon,Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for the Yeovil Constituency took the opportunity to raise the problems faced in the South west and Yeovil that have been brought about by the actions of the Conservative government and supported by the Lib-Dems and David laws.

Mr Jevon said ” I was very pleased to hear from Ed Balls that the next Labour government would stop the sell-off of our valued NHS and Would invest in more doctors and nurses and would also give a guarantee that everyone would get an appointment to see their GP within 48 hours or the same day if urgent”

Mr Jevon went on to say “it was great to see the next Labour Government will take measures to support local businesses and help them to create new jobs, just what a town like Yeovil needs proper Investment for the good of all not just the few”

For further information please contact

Martin Jevon

Mobile 07951 368387

01823 259311


Murray Shepstone

01935 864121

Mobile 07727 688182


Sent on behalf of Yeovil Labour party by

Terry Ledlie

Press officer

Yeovil Labour Party


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