“The NHS is only safe with Labour”

Jevon chard
Yeovil Labour candidate Martin Jevon defending the NHS in Chard.

On the campaign trail in Chard on Saturday 25th October Martin Jevon Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Yeovil took to the streets with the message “The NHS is only safe with Labour”.

Martin Jevon said ” This government – that’s the Tories supported by the Liberals – seem hell bent in selling off our NHS piece by piece and we’re all paying the price for this back door privatisation called the internal market.”

Mr Jevon went on to say “I will fight all the way to protect our much valued NHS, and reverse the harm that’s been done over the last four and half years. I was overwhelmed by the support and encouragement I received from the good people of Chard, it is clear the NHS is as important to the people of South Somerset as it is to us”.


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