“No Credibility Left in the Liberal Democrats” says Yeovil Labour candidate

Terry Ledlie
Yeovil South’s Labour candidate Terry Ledlie

So here we are halfway through a race to the bottom on public services and in old typical Tory fashion if you can’t afford it you should go without, all decisions endorsed by our Local MP David Laws. Please see quotes below

“There will be many more tough decisions, but we believe that the British people understand that these choices can no longer be ducked.”

David Laws, speech, 24 May 2010,

Laws has defended the Liberal Democrats’ decision to sign up to cuts, saying that it

“gave the Coalition instant credibility”.

Unfortunately there is no credibility left in the Liberal Democrat party anymore so that’s why I am standing as a Labour candidate and seeking your vote in the upcoming election.

Some questions I have been asked by people in Yeovil are

Can one person change Somerset County Council? You have to start somewhere.

They’re all the same all blaming each other? – Unfortunately our Politicians have to be held accountable for their decisions that affect us on a daily basis, and bad decisions have to be made public, Did you know that County Council lost millions in the Icelandic banks and we’re only getting this back now? Somerset County Council revealed it has received £4.1 million of the £25million it invested in Iceland back, and expects to receive a further £9.46 million of the outstanding £12 million which remains.

If I vote Labour will my vote be wasted? – No, by voting Labour you’re sending a message to the Liberal Democrats that they have had their chance and they have blown it!

Time for a Change

The time for a change of direction has come and as  Yeovil residents you deserve better roads, better pedestrian crossings to enable our children to come and go to school safely, better public services. Can you get a bus anywhere on a Sunday in Yeovil?

I recently wrote to the County Council Transport department about the need for some form of a pedestrian crossing on Forest hill during school runs. It’s a potential accident waiting to happen.

I was turned down due to it costing too much, and it didn’t score enough to merit one unless a business development were to build near it then the cost could be incorporated by the third party. Yet our County Councillors have wasted our hard earned taxes on legal costs from both South West One and the closure of Libraries that was reversed by legal action at a cost to Somerset County Council tax payers.

To spend our money wisely would save us more than to cut first  and ask questions later, policy adapted by both cabinet and opposition party in County Hall Taunton.

Terry Ledlie Yeovil South candidate

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