Yeovil Labour Party support for FBU picket line

Yeovil Labour Party's Murray Shepstone on the FBU picket line
Yeovil Labour Party’s Murray Shepstone on the FBU picket line

Murray Shepstone Vice Chairman Yeovil Labour Party attended the FBU Picket line on the first day of the strike action Friday 31st October.

Whilst offering fraternal greetings from the local party he said he was “…delighted in sharing the good news that the Labour Party front bench have joined forces with the FBU support group opposing the government Regulations. The same regulations that are attacking the pensions of hard working firefighters.”

Mr Shepstone went on to Say that “Industrial action is the last resort”  adding that “People don’t strike for the sake of it but when this Government won’t negotiate what choice do these hard working Firefighters have They have my full support”.

Terry Ledlie
Press officer Yeovil Labour Party

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