Labour highlights impact of cuts on Bridgwater

Leigh Redman
Cllr Leigh Redman urging fightback against County cuts

Labour County Councillor Leigh Redman is calling on Somerset’s Tory rulers to think again about spending cuts he says will have a detrimental effect on Bridgwater. He is urging people to join him in opposing increased bus fares, the withdrawal of support for the Rollercoaster youth centre and cuts to help for people in sheltered housing.

Subsidised bus fares would go up by 15 per cent, under the latest plan for £6 million in spending cuts. Leigh said: “This is a proposal that is wrong on so many levels. Bridgwater has already seen reductions and changes in bus routes, and people in low income families have to walk some distance to reach a bus stop. To hit an already buffeted group with such a large fare increase will mean they will find it increasingly difficult to afford these fares, which could impact on their abilities to access services or travel to work”

Make your voice heard

Another proposal confirms the county’s intention to withdraw from directly providing youth clubs. Leigh said “ back in 2012 we fought a battle that made SCC give the Rollercoaster in Sydenham a 2 year reprieve and left only 3 youth centres in Somerset . The Rollercoaster does a great job for the young people of Bridgwater. My concern is that by removing the centre the young people would be forced to walk the streets, potentially impacting other services with an increase in antisocial behaviour.”

People living in sheltered housing could suffer under a plan to cut the help given to those with lower and medium support needs. Leigh said: “ this could mean that up to 50% of people currently benefiting from support would see this reduced or stopped. With an ageing community we should be looking to support these services not force people with limited funds into mainstream alternatives.”

“The proposed cuts are on the table now and the comments above are my thoughts on a few proposals which are just the tip of the iceberg. I will be fighting for what I feel is right for the community I represent. Go to the Somerset County Council website to see the Revenue Budget and proposed summary of savings read them and make sure you ask questions and make your voice heard.”

Somerset County Council member for Bridgwater South,


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walter houghton
walter houghton
10 years ago

The role of the youth centre as a youth hub has deminished over the years, its not fit for purpose and needs a more town centre location. I have a buisness plan in mind.

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