Michael Gove MP IS “The Blob” when it comes to Education

"Beware the Blob..."
“Beware the Blob…”

Michael Gove MP describes himself as being locked in a struggle with “The Blob” – the name he and his allies give to the educational establishment, which is inspired by the 1950s film about an amoeba-like alien mass, which nothing has been able to stop.

Many Headteachers and Teachers will be bemused by his recent educational announcement on discipline in schools such as a verbal reprimand, extra work, writing lines, missing break time and detention. These sanctions have been used by schools for many years and often parents have to sign up to the school behaviour policy, which will include many of the sanctions advocated. There is in fact nothing new in his recent announcement to give Headteachers and Teachers the support needed to improve education.

Gove states that his: “ambition for the education system is simple, when you visit a school in England standards are so high all round that you should not be able to tell whether it’s in the state sector or a fee-paying independent“. He wanted to push state schools further so that they would become indistinguishable from private schools. Well often private schools will advertise that one of their main differences to that of state schools is small class sizes. So is Mr Gove ready to give schools the funding necessary to reduce class sizes to improve standards or will he just continue to offer schools advice on disciplinary sanctions to be used, which are already in place.

Cllr Mick Lerry-Leader of the Labour Group on SDC

Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Bridgwater and West Somerset.

Email: michael.lerry@btinternet.com

Mobile: 07775905080


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murray shepstone
murray shepstone
10 years ago

Nice one Mike, but for your next p/r on education don’t forget to blame David Laws as well, we need all the help we can get in South Somerset to get rid of this nasty lib/dem.

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