It’s Polling Day!! Please Vote LABOUR

Today is Polling Day across the UK and across Somerset. Here in Bridgwater we are fighting to continue our work on the Town Council and to win seats on the new Unitary Council. Please vote LABOUR wherever you see a Labour candidate in the Bridgwater area. A vote for Labour is a vote to back our call for an emergency budget to tackle the cost of living crisis with a windfall tax on oil and gas profits. It’s a vote to back our plan for warmer homes and to save households across the country up to £600 on their energy bills. It’s a vote against unfair Tory tax hikes. It’s a vote to send the Tories a message they can’t ignore: that Britain deserves better. Honesty and integrity matter in our politics. This week, the Conservatives failed to stand up for either.  Boris Johnson has lost the trust of the public over parties held in Downing Street during lockdown. Now it’s clear he has lost the confidence of his MPs. They can no longer defend the indefensible, and the Prime Minister will be investigated for misleading Parliament. His authority is shot. He is unable to lead, and unable to deliver for the country. We must send him a message. 


The Local Elections are upon us. This is your chance to show Boris Johnson that Britain deserves better than a Prime Minister who slanders our institutions and degrades the office he holds. Let’s make sure voters across the country know that Labour is the only party on your side.

Voting is NOT a spectator sport. It’s actually about YOU getting out there and voting.

In Bridgwater it is more important than ever to vote LABOUR

The Tories are on the run. They’re hiding. Or they’re lying. They know that they won’t come out of this election well and so they’re bracing themselves for heavy losses.

The actual results in Bridgwater over 20 years….

In different parts of the country, and even the County they will face different threats as people want to protest, but here in Bridgwater the vote must be LABOUR to get rid of them. Don’t believe the Lib Dem ‘winning here’ nonsense or pay any heed to their ‘bar charts’. Bridgwater is a Labour town and the anti Tory vote is Labour.

Bridgwater needs the strongest possible voice in the brave new Somerset unitary world and as we regain our historic town powers, we need the strongest and most united representation to take up that challenge.

Vote LABOUR in Bridgwater.

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