Bridgwater Labour Election Broadcast May 5th 2022

Campaign notes

Labour’s target in the Somerset elections on May 5th is BRIDGWATER.

Labour controls Bridgwater Town Council winning 12 out of 16 seats in 2019 only losing 2 of the seats by 7 and 1 vote respectively.  Here

Labour currently has 2 of the 4 County seats in Bridgwater (North and South) and seeks to gain the other 2 (East and West) thereby giving them 8 seats in the new County Unitary Council. Here

The Labour campaign has been met with massive support and Tory popularity is on the decline particularly due to the cost of living crisis, the scandalous behaviour of the Tories in Government plus local scandals, the most recent involving Bridgwater Tory Neil Parish. Here

Bridgwater is historically a Labour town and despite incorrect Lib Dem ‘bar charts’ there has been just 1 Lib Dem councillor in the town at any level for over 20 years. Here

Labour is the main opposition on Sedgemoor District Council but that authority will be history within 12 months and the newly strengthened Bridgwater Town Council seeks to regain the powers it lost to Sedgemoor since 1974 when the popular Labour controlled Borough council was abolished. Here

There are very few Tory activists making an appearance in the campaign and those that do have resorted to illegal flyposting to try to counter the growing Labour poster campaign. Here

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