Labour Holds Bridgwater Town Council

Brian Smedley still leads the largest political group at Bridgwater Town Hall

Bridgwater has remained a lone Labour stronghold in the West of England between Bristol and Exeter proudly flying the red flag from its Town hall. After the hard fought town elections the final score was Labour 12 Tories 4. Although the Tories naturally regained their 2 seats in their Wyndham heartlands (they didn;t stand there last time so opposition parties made a temporary grab) but 2 ever-so-close battles saw narrow Tory wins. In Fairfax Labour councillor Alex Glassford lost to Tory Mike Cresswell by just 1 vote while in Dunwear South Labour’s Gary Tucker was defeated by Tory Suria Aujla by just 7.

Alex Glassford who beat Mike Creswell on district but lost by 1 on Town.

Else where around the Town hard working Labour councillors were re-elected including leader and deputy leader Brian Smedley and Kathy Pearce in Westover, Tony heywood in Eastover, Mick Lerry in Victoria, Graham Granter in Fairfax West, Leigh Redman and Liz Leavy in Hamp , Dave Loveridge in North Dunwear and Diogo Rodrigues in Fairfax East

New faces on the council include Labour’s Li Gibson In Westover, Glen Burrows in Eastover, and Julie Cordiner in Victoria .

Bridgwater Town Council Results May 2nd 2019

Dunwear North ward  (1 councillor)

Dave Loveridge winning his Dunwear North seat over Tory Pele

Barnes, Pele James (Con) – 101

King, Lorna Ann Philippa (Lib Dem) – 62

Loveridge, Dave (Lab) – 177 duly elected

Ward electorate: 2,010

Turnout: 20.11%

Dunwear South ward  (1 councillor)

Aujla, Suria (Con) – 209 duly elected

Tucker, Gary Andrew Derek (Lab) – 202

Ward electorate: 1,600

Turnout: 30.94%

Eastover ward (2 councillors)

Tony Heywood at the Railway Club polling station in Eastover

Bristowe, Sue (Con)- 177

Burrows, Glen (Lab) – 412 duly elected

Fraser-Howells, Jonathan (Con) – 155

Heywood, Tony (Lab) – 375 duly elected

Ward electorate: 3,386

Turnout: 22.12 %

Fairfax East ward (2 councillors)

Baker, Sarah Victoria  (Lib Dem) – 148

Cresswell, Mike (Con) – 227 duly elected

Glassford, Alex (Lab) – 226

Nickolls, Adrian David (Lib Dem)- 151

Rodrigues, Diogo (Lab) – 294 duly elected

Ward electorate: 3,536

Turnout: 21.19%

Diogo Rodrigues back on Town Council

Fairfax West ward (1 councillor)

Granter, Graham John (Lab) – 192 duly elected

Marsh, Helen Julia (Con) – 90

Ward electorate: 1,756

Turnout: 18.19%

Hamp ward (2 councillors)

Austen, Stephen Barry – 216

Leavy, Elizabeth Ann (Lab) – 280 duly elected

Moore, Adrian John – 244

Nicholson, Julie Stenner (Con) – 96

Redman, Leigh Paul (Lab)- 352 duly elected

Ward electorate: 5,360

Turnout 14.12 %

Victoria ward (2 councillors)

Cordiner, Julie Marie (Lab) – 268 duly elected        

Duddridge, Lance John (Con) – 238

Harwood, John (Con) – 180

Lerry, Mick (Lab)        – 246 duly elected

Ward electorate: 3,084

Turnout: 20.60%

Westover ward (3 councillors)

Kathy Pearce back in for Westover

Asher, Michael (Con)  – 231

Bolt, Brian James (Con) – 240

Gibson, Li (Lab) – 377 duly elected

Lee, Roland (Lib Dem) – 143

Lewis, Gareth Edwin (Con) – 244

Nickolls, Antony (Lib Dem) – 191

Pearce, Kathryn Elizabeth (Lab)- 482 duly elected

Smedley, Brian David (Lab) – 461 duly elected

Ward electorate: 4,072

Turnout: 25.63%

Glen Burrows one of 5 new members of Bridgwater Town Council – all female

Wyndham ward (2 councillors)

Johnstone, Peter Ian (Lib Dem)- 237

Lilley, Rachael (Con) – 531 duly elected

Palaram, Inika Raine (Lab) – 180

Ridewood, Stuart (Lab) – 178

Slocombe, Gill (Con) – 611 duly elected

Waghorn, Dean (Lib Dem) – 211

Ward electorate: 4,863


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