Red Flags still fly somewhere

Red flags still fly somewhere

As results come in it’s clear that the Lib Dems have regained the ground that they lost following their disastrous results after the 2011-2015 coalition with the Conservatives taking councils such as BATH & NORTH EAST SOMERSET and SOMERSET WEST & TAUNTON and MENDIP from the Conservatives and COTSWOLD & NORTH DEVON from NOC. Meanwhile Labour has held it’s key South West Councils of EXETER, PLYMOUTH and BRIDGWATER.

In Exeter Labour dropped 1 seat  and the Tories dropped 2 while the Lib Dems gained 1 the Greens gained 1 and Independents gained 1. Labour retain control 29 Lab 6 Con 2 Libdem 1 Green 1 Ind

In Plymouth Labour kept control and gained 1 seat from the Tories. Labour 31 Con 25 Ind 1.

in Somerset West & Taunton the Lib Dems took control from the Tories gaining 19 seats while the Tories lost 31 and UKIP lost 1. Inds gained 10 and Labour gained 1 while the Greens gained 2 leaving a council composed Libdem 30 IND 14 CON 10 LAB 3 GREEN 2

In Bath & North East Somerset the Lib Dems gained control from the Tories climbing 23 seats  while Labour and IND both gained 1 each and the Greens dropped 1 making a council of Lib Dem 37 CON 9 LAB 7 IND 6

In Sedgemoor the Tories clung on but Labour held the town of Bridgwater and made gains across the District council reducing the Tory majority there to  just 8 votes.

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