“Make it a Labour Hat Trick in Eastover and Sydenham” Dave Loveridge (Bridgwater North)

Dave Loveridge Bridgwater North & Central

In Bridgwater North and Central, Dave Loveridge is fighting to retain his County seat. This time round however, voters in this part of town also have by-elections for Town and District Council, so each voter will take 3 ballot papers into the polling booth. Dave is urging voters to make it a Labour hat trick by voting Labour on all 3 ballot papers.

Dave has represented Bridgwater North and Central for many years not just as a county councillor but also as a Town and District Councillor, however on this occasion he is just on the ballot paper for County.

Eastover By-Election: Labour needs to win

For Sedgemoor District Council Labour are standing young mum Chelsea Chadwick. As the main opposition party on Sedgemoor Labour needs to win Eastover in order to keep maximum pressure on the Tory run council.

Tony Heywood (Town) Chelsea Chadwick (District) Dave Loveridge (County)

Chelsea says “The Conservatives do not care about people in Somerset – they are ripping the money out of services in the south west. When we went to them regarding the 20mph speed limit around our schools, they told us it wasn’t worthwhile. We must fight this. If you elect me as your District councillor, I WILL fight this. When money was put aside to improve Celebration Mile, we welcomed this – but still, we wait. If elected, I WILL fight to ensure we are not forgotten about, and that Eastover is celebrated as the buzzing hub it deserves to be. There are so many issues that are being pushed aside – issues you have brought forward – and they deserve to be chased and resolved. Beyond this, my offer is my youth and energy coupled with my care and commitment to families and the elderly alike – people who have been neglected for too long by the Tories. If elected, I will work hard for the people of Eastover around the clock as a fully-committed, approachable councillor. I hope that you will turn out at the ballot boxes today and support me and our local Labour team to continue to work hard in Bridgwater. “

Tony Heywood, Labour candidate for Eastover ward on Bridgwater Town Council

Labour controls Bridgwater Town Council

For Bridgwater Town Council Labour man Tony Heywood is the Eastover candidate looking to make it a Labour hat trick in this part of town.. Labour runs Bridgwater Town Council with 14 councillors to 1 Tory and 1 Lib Dem and is the strongest voice for the people of the town. Voting Tony will strengthen that voice and send a message to the Tories that the town has rejected their failed policies which have constantly neglected Bridgwater.

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