“Bridgwater must vote Labour to have a strong voice at County”-Leigh Redman (Bridgwater South)

Labour County Leader Cllr Leigh Redman

Leigh Redman is the Leader of the Labour Group on Somerset County Council and represents the Hamp and Westover wards of Bridgwater. On May 4th to have a strong voice at County Hall, Labour needs to win in Bridgwater where it controls the Town Council with 14 seats to 1 Tory and 1 Lib Dem, and where the County battleground currently stands at 2 Labour v 2 Tory.

Leigh has issued this warning about secret cuts planned by the County Tories if they get back in “ When Somerset County Council put together its budget for 2017/18, the Conservatives kept secret where the cuts will fall. That the election was so close is, in my view, no coincidence.Since February, Opposition councillors have asked repeatedly for details of where the cuts will fall. We have been promised the detail repeatedly but we still don’t have it; no opposition councillors do.So, when you come to vote in the election tomorrow, you need to assume, until we know different, that the council service you value most will be cut this year. And vote accordingly. Please share far and wide.”

Every Labour Vote will Count in Bridgwater

Leigh, who is also a Town and District Councillor and former Mayor of Bridgwater says “This is an important election for local people where your vote will impact directly on who represents you on Somerset County Council, however I have been overwhelmed by the positive comments I’ve received during his campaign, and I am encouraging everyone to make the effort and vote as every vote will count here in Bridgwater. Labour really is the best option to get the deceitful Tories out of County Hall.”

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John Bealej
John Bealej
6 years ago

Keep up the good work leigh.

hope you are partying in Bridgwater labour club once the results are in.

John Beale, Bridgwater resident 2006-8. Also avid hater of Sedgemoor DC and Somerset County Council (although livelong fan of Cricket Club lol)

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