Town Council Objects to Follet Farm Development

Dave Loveridge Labour candidate for Bridgwater East & Bawdrip objects to Follet’s farm over development

Bridgwater Town Council this week formally objected to the outline planning application for the erection of 560 houses  including vehicular, pedestrian and cycle access, car parking, public open space, landscaping, infrastructure and other associated works at Folletts Farm off Dunwear Lane, Bridgwater. Labour’s candidate for the Unitary seat of Bridgwater East and Bawdrip is Dave Loveridge an experienced Town, District and County councillor and former town Mayor who specialises in Planning matters. Dave said “This is over development, it’s too high density, it’s on a flood plain, there’s a lack of adequate infrastructure, too much traffic generation, environmental pollution and loss of wildlife. What’s more with this ‘outline planning permission’ they never stick to it! They change it after it’s been approved. I am totally against this hurriedly contrived application which does not take into account the needs of the new and present residents. “

Cllr Bartlett’s Objection

Cllr Alexia Bartlett puts in formal objection

Dunwear Councillors had already submitted objections with Sedgemoor Labour’s Cllr Alexia Bartlett saying .

My observations based on valid planning grounds are:

❑   Over-development: 560 dwellings on 21 hectares is an unacceptably high density.

❑   Flood plain: The land is on a flood plain and is unsuitable for this massive scale of

❑   Lack of infrastructure: No constructive provision for amenities and services.

❑   Traffic generation: Access traffic congestion — increased traffic towards Bridgwater and M5
junction. The plan shows 2 access roads emerging onto Dunwear Lane. This would easily
create a ‘rat run’ along Dunwear Lane and into the Bridge Estate.

❑   Environmental issues: Increase in air, noise and light pollution. ❑   Loss of wildlife habitat.

Please also note there has been a groundswell of local objection. 57% return on a local questionnaire sent to 300+ residents.

Dunwear Objectors

Labour campaigners out in Dunwear South this week Cllr Hilary Bruce, Cllr Dave Loveridge, Candidates Jon Falkingham and Richard Morgan and Cllr Liz Leavy

The development is within the neighbouring parish of Bridgwater Without who have also put in objections saying they have ‘major concerns’  which include traffic, infrastructure, density of homes, removal of hedges, that it’s not brownfield then added a raft of policy objections .

Jon Falkingham, Labour candidate for Dunwear South is a campaigner against over development and supports Cllr Bartletts letter and the Bridgwater Without Parish council position saying “We need to avoid the mistakes of the past. Somerset needs planning that is inspiring, accessible, and green. Solutions need to be regenerative, development sustainable and investment should be designed for the long term. We need to build a future where everyone can thrive.”


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sue habgood
sue habgood
2 years ago

I wholly support the Bridgwater Town Council in their objection to the outline planning application for 560 homes at Folletts Farm, Dunwear and agree with the comments made by Councillors Dave Loveridge and Alexia .Bartlett. I am particularly concerned about the environmental pollution, traffic congestion and use of access roads as a rat run, with lack of proper provision for the safe use of cyclists and pedestrians.

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