The Tories: Who’d still vote for this pack of Jokers…?

Anyone STILL think there’s an ounce of morality between them?

This week, the Tories have dropped 10 % points in the opinion polls, their Prime Minister and Chancellor have been the first to be charged with criminal offences whilst in office, they’ve introduced a policy to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, several Tory MPs have been suspended for dodgy  or alleged dodgy behaviour, the millionaire Chancellors  billionaire wife was shamed into paying her taxes and the cost of living crisis for the rest of us has hit a new disastrous low. Who on earth is still voting for these people???!!

Trying to look like Boris is no longer cool Michael…..

First off it was Party-gate – the rot of course starts at the top. Comedy Prime Minister Boris Johnson broke the rules he’d set for the rest of us during Covid, denied it, then was forced to admit it.  Some top Tories tried to defend him, and by default, themselves. For instance, old Etonian and Boris looky-likey Michael Fabricant, tried to suggest that health workers also often had a little drink when they came off shift so it wasn’t such a big deal. This of course also wasn’t true. Nurses and front-line staff (1500 of who died during the pandemic) did not do the same. There was no drinking no socialising, just a lot of trauma and heartache as they tried to cope with long hours, awful conditions and personal despair. Johnson’s aids found the whole thing funny and even joked with journalists- witness the Allegra Stratton response when confronted with the allegations. So why does Fabricant and co think they can defend it? Because he simply can’t see whats wrong and, like the rest of them, he thinks he’s ‘entitled’. Lying just comes from a fundamental contempt for the rest of us. They felt so comfortable in their entitlement that being able to brazenly break the rules was seemingly perks of the job.

Why are people still voting for this shower??

Tories in freefall…..

Inequality is a basic principle of Conservatism and one law for the rich and another for the poor is the cement that holds capitalism together. But they’ve tricked people for years into thinking there were bigger dangers than them, but now Boris is a bit too open about it and whoops he’s the First PM in history to be found guilty of a crime in office.

The laws he imposes on us simply don’t apply to them. They’re living it up at our expense, explaining it away by so many brazen lies and now they’ve been shown up and have been issued with fixed penalty notices from the Metropolitan Police.

75% of the public feel he continually and deliberately lies and 57% now feel he should resign (I assume that other 18% think lying’s just part of the job) but even fellow Tories are getting embarrassed at this ‘repeated rule breaking and breaches of criminal law ’ (David Wolfson’s resignation letter). Hilarious for a bunch that call themselves the ‘party of law and order’. It’s all a sham and we’re all being tricked. It’s actually a Party full of jokers and the jokes on us.


People have their lives to be getting on with….

And it isn’t just Boris. Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s tax dodging wife is richer than the Queen. It’s about power and accountability. We have real poverty here in our own country. That doesn’t just happen, it’s a policy of the Tories.  There are more foodbanks than there are McDonald’s and now the cost-of-living crisis is beginning to hit home. With 7% inflation the price of basic necessities are at their highest since 1992. This is an economic war on working people run by a billionaire chancellor.

And the rest of the shabby crew aren’t much better. Wells Tory MP James Heappey draws £24,000 expenses for accommodation and a further £3900 for travel.   And at the same time doesn’t see a problem to take £20 a week from struggling families on Universal Credit. This is someone who earns £5700 a month making laws that affect our economy and real people. At the core of Tory policies is redistributing wealth yes…but from the poorest to the richest. When they talk about ‘levelling up’ they’re actually talking about trawling the depths of poverty and scooping up even more for themselves. They say ‘free market economics…leave it alone and it’ll work for everyone’…but…in fact the free market isn’t free from the State. It relies on state intervention…because the Government regulates it. And, of course, chooses to intervene to privatise the gains and socialise the losses of economic activity…This is old style class war, and we hope…. hope..that people are finally seeing through this,

What did a recent wordcloud come up with??

We think they are. Even if the polls can’t be trusted try trusting the views of the Tories themselves, because at the end of the day the Tories are the ones who’ll stab in the back their own leader when they think they can’t win them elections anymore.  A recent WORDCLOUD shows how in trouble the Tories are…see which words the Tories themselves express most commonly about their own leadership.

Rwanda Party Rapids

But how are the Tories going to pull the wools over people’s eyes now?? They usually go for some big issues…like ‘law and order’. Well, that’s not going well with the criminal charges. So next one is ‘immigration’. Having made a lot of promises over Brexit including a major election victory, and noticing it’s not really going that well, they’ve now fallen back on the immigration ticket. All these desperate people trying to flee from war torn countries around the world…trying to cross the channel on rubber rafts with people smugglers to the rear and Nigel Farage and a GB News TV camera to the front. So the Tories came up with a great new plan to distract from party gate. They’d tackle the immigration issue by sending them off to Rwanda

The deal is on..

Hotel Rwanda. Maybe watch the film. Pritti Patel…. absolutely by a long shot the most despised Tory cabinet member, as polls in her own party recently showed, decided to send thousands of desperate people to  the malaria rife, authoritarian central African state of Rwanda with its poor human rights record and slight tendency to torture and kill people in prison camps. ‘Made possible by Brexit freedoms’ ….and a $160million donation from Patel, this African paradise was called a ‘dynamic country’ by Johnson and ‘one of the safest in the world’. Of course, it wasn’t long ago that 1 million Rwandans were hacked to pieces in the night by their neighbours in one of the 20th century’s most horrific genocides. Johnson said he expected ‘some criticism’. And he got it. Not just from the opposition but from his own side plus Church leaders who called it ‘extortionate, unworkable and unethical’.

There is simply no moral justification for this desperate attempt to appeal to the more baser Tory vote. Rwanda is not a better choice for the migrants of course, with a life expectancy of 69 (whilst in the UK it’s 81 by the way) and of course it’s not full of rich prairies where new settlements can spring up to welcome the economic migrant, in fact its more densely populated than the UK.  Patel attempts to justify it further by claiming ‘they’re all economic migrants’. But how is she defining that? Is it because they’re mainly single men? Well, let her try because no court in the world would uphold that definition

Tory Sleaze makes an unwelcome, but inevitable, return

And then there’s the return of good old Tory sleaze and scandal. Imran Ahmed Khan -proudly heralded Tory ‘red wall’ MP for Wakefield since 2019, has been charged with sexually molesting a 15 year old boy in 2008, forcing him to drink, watch porn and then groping him. Naturally the highly moral Tories chucked him out. Well….not so moral it seems as it has now  emerged that they’d know about it for years..although the  Police ‘lost the report’. And it seems that he also allegedly sexually attacked a British aid worker in Pakistan in 2010. At the same time, as a Moslem, he tried to argue the case against drinking and homosexuality and was naturally worried that if his case became public it would be embarrassing to him. You don’t say….

a new dawn may be rising

But don’t worry, closer to home there’s Tory MP David Warburton with his own sex and drugs scandal. Now (naturally) suspended as a Tory MP over allegations that he’s ‘taken cocaine and groped a woman after climbing naked into bed with her’. As MP for Somerton and Frome, the ‘fearless moral crusader’ often condemned drugs, and commended international action in tackling drugs and was therefore seen as a leader in the ethical fight against degradation. So as he alledgedly ‘ground his body against her and groped her breasts then fell asleep’ it was presumably his exemplary record that prompted 2 other conservative workers to also bring accusations against him..including taking a massive loan from Russian businessmen. Moral fibre and right will come out in the end and we’re sure he’ll have a good explanation.

Walking with giants…or attempting to

So, in such desperate straits are the Tories that all the old remedies for dangling sparkly solutions in front of people’s eyes before pulling the wool over them seem to have failed and Johnson is playing the defence card. ‘Don’t you know there’s a war on!’ saw Big Brave Boris posing awkwardly on the streets of Kijev with everybody’s actual hero president Volodymyr Zelensky. But it just looked like a comedy episode of Billy Bunter getting tricked into appearing in a war zone by telling him there’s a gigantic pie there. All hilarious…….yet it overlooks the fact that it was the Tories who built up the power of the Russian oligarchs in London in the first place, and the list of Tories taking money from Russia is embarrassing.

Which brings us on to Jacob Rees Mogg.

Enough said.


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Val Bannister
Val Bannister
2 years ago

So what are we doing locally to protest about the evil Rwanda plan?

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